Top 5 Holiday Shopping Apps You Don’t Want To Miss Out On


‘Tis the season to stop shopping the traditional way and start connecting with the newest, coolest ways to shop, buy and save time for more important holiday happenings like dradle-spinning and eggnog-sipping. We’ve covered a few of these awesome holiday shopping apps recently, so I’ve grabbed those and I threw in a few more. Check the good cheer, and feel free to share any other awesome shopping apps with us.


1. BuyVite Group Payments

“Buyvite is a group buying platform and service that lets people split costs socially and easily. Say you’ve agreed to forgo gifts this year all together and take a communal vacation. Fantastic, but you run into the same logistical problems chipping in for the beach house that you would when making joint purchases. Buyvite steps in and does the dirty work. Without driving each other crazy, Buyvite helps members of a group pay each other, pay together, or get paid back for group purchases.”





Keith dishes up this awesome group payment app here.


2. CountMeInApp

CountMeInApp is the latest in gifting tech available to Facebook users worldwide. Founder Jeff Saul is on a rampage with his app that all allows customers to buy and gift a wide variety of items to their friends on Facebook. Users can choose gifts, create a gift registry and they can even pay amounts towards gifts instead of paying for the entire gift.





Check out the rest of Daniel’s interview with founder Jeff Saul here.


3. ShopSavvy

“Track down the best prices at the most convenient online or physical locations using ShopSavvy. If you’re unsure about buying an item, check out reviews or search for similar products. Pay for goods from different retailers and have them shipped to your home all through ShopSavvy. What’s more, the app helps find a wide variety of savings opportunities.”


Check out this super money saver here.


4. WishMindr

WishMindr is a website where you can create gift wish-lists. Make as many wish-lists as you like – for birthdays, holidays, or any other special occasion – using this free, online service.





Browse images through a Pinterest inspired layout to find matching products for items on each list. Then share wish-lists directly with contacts from mailing lists or by manually entering email addresses. What’s more, WishMindr will send reminders with links to wish-lists and images of products, providing a handy mental refresher. Friends and family can choose which gifts they’d like to give from a selection that they know will bring delight and joy.


If you’re a mark-missing gift-giver, you’ll definitely want to check out WishMindr.


5. GoodGuide

Here’s one for all the green shoppers. GoodGuide helps you find products that are safe, ethical, green and healthy based on scientific ratings. Check out how this tree-hugging app works in the video below.





There it is, folks. You’ve got less than a week to nab those last minute gifts. So get these apps downloaded and start shopping like the tech-savvy pro you are. In the meantime, I will be creating my WishMindr gift list to post in the next few days. You know, in case there is a loyal reader out there who wants to thank me for all my hard tech-article-writing work. I’m just sayin’…


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