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Top 10 Renewable Energy Startups of 2023

Energy startups are exploding. No, they’re not literally exploding, mind you; but their popularity is through the roof. Whether looking at renewable energy options or something a little more traditional, energy startups have more to offer than ever before. And the market has shown enough growth so that there’s room for newcomers alongside the veteran companies.


That said, it can be tough to find energy startups right for your business dollar. What sort of energy needs do you have to fulfill? Are there new technologies you want to look into? What about something that’s more friendly toward the planet? There’s a lot to consider.

But not to worry, as this guide will help you identify the ten best energy startups of 2022. That’s not to say one is better than the other, but this list will help you whittle down choices so you can get right into finding an energy solution for you!

Energy Startups: Enpal

Though based in Berlin, Germany, Enpal easily qualifies as one of the best energy startups out there. The company makes some of the finest solar panels you’ll find in business, as well as the ability to get them properly installed. They even do overseas work, having participated in over 8,000 solar projects overall. Enpal is definitely going places.

Energy Startups: Moment Energy

The hottest energy startups of the, ahem, moment? Well, you can’t go wrong with a group that actually has the name “moment” right there up front. But this Canada-based supplier has a number of tools to its credit, including vehicle batteries that work more closely with renewable energy. That makes Moment Energy top-notch – and affordable.

Energy Startups: EH Group

Need something that’s a little more Earth-friendly from your energy startup? Turn to EH Group. This Switzerland-based team has put together an excellent green fuel cell technology, one that can create clean electricity from hydrogen cells. The procedure is a bit complicated, but the effects are outstanding. They’re well worth looking up.

DST Innovations

Now, let’s pay a visit to the United Kingdom, where DST Innovations is based out of Bridgend. This company has several solutions when it comes to creating clean energy. What’s more, it has both commercial and industrial client businesses available, and most of the energy has a renewable option. These Innovations live up to their name.


We’re going all the way to Dublin, Ireland for this next energy startup, GridBeyond. This particular group has a smart grid energy management system. With that, households can connect to said system, saving a few dollars while, at the same time, working from renewable resources. As a result, everyone wins – and so does the planet, for that matter.

Battery Resourcers

Let’s say you’re trying to get the most out of batteries, but want to go beyond just having rechargeable ones. Enter Battery Resourcers out of Massachusetts, which has been around since 2015. It specializes in recycling lithium-ion batteries for improved hydro energy. As a result, a number of investors have shown interest. And you should as well.

Common Energy

Don’t let the name fool you. Common Energy is anything but common when it comes to the business it conducts. Based out of New York, it has a sweet platform where users can connect to a large electricity system to effectively use renewable energy. It all comes together really nicely and has over 100,000 households connected to date.

Hydrogen One

Let’s say you need a zero-pollution hydrogen fuel production system – and let’s say you don’t have an idea what that is, but you still need it. Enter Hydrogen One, which can make that happen for you so you’re able to utilize energy the right way for industrial or commercial needs. It’s looking to expand its business as we speak, so it’s a good time to give them a look.

Liquid Wind

We know what you’re thinking – “isn’t liquid wind pretty much just rain?” Nah, there are elements to consider. But Liquid Wind is also the name of an effective startup in Sweden that specializes in alternate fuel solutions. That means being able to produce hydrogen from renewable energy, later turned into a neat carbon-neutral liquid fuel. Talk about fueling the future!


Finally, if you’re after a company that has green in its title but also in its work ethic, allow us to introduce you to this Denmark-based energy startup. AquaGreen specializes in biomass treatment, which it later converts into renewable energy with awesome results. Considering it has nine investors on board, with more to come, AquaGreen’s future looks pretty, um, green?

Your choices on this list may vary. But whoever you go with, you’ll find an affordable and Earth-friendly energy startup for your future!

Author : Robert Workman

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