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TipTal Reunites Job Searches With A Missing Friend – Organization [Beta-Mined]

Most people I know hate looking for work. Despite the potential rewards of a bigger paycheck, increased career satisfaction, or simply no longer worrying about securing life’s essentials, the process itself is confusing, time consuming, anxiety inducing and tedious tedious tedious.



The proliferation of online tools to aid in our job searches hasn’t helped as much as we’d hope. We have an abundance of job search sites and job posting platforms. We have professional networks to help us connect, and ever more sophisticated tools that mine job prospects from our social networks. We have innovators trying to change how our CVs and profiles appear, how companies recruit, and how employee and employer find their perfect match.


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If only all the job finding resources could be made to function together. This may be too much to ask for – we may never have a unified solution for finding work easily. But. But at the least, we should have a tool that helps us stay organized.


Fingers crossed that TipTal will prove to be the answer. This application aims to organize the various aspects of looking for work in one, tidy location. With TipTal users can create custom lists that collect prospects in a way that best makes sense to each individual. TipTal imports postings from different websites and allows job seekers to include the postings on lists, add notes, or share with friends.


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Perhaps most attractive, by pasting an outside URL, TipTal will grab information and record it automatically – which could save a huge amount of time if it proves to extract data and disperse it smartly.


Save all your favorite listings here or subscribe to recommended lists within the application to eliminate both redundancy and clutter. Use a job calendar to keep track of deadlines and interviews. Monitor the progress of all your applications. If you’re tired or actively fishing for work, set up an account to have notifications bring the most promising leads to you. TipTal features original job posting as well, and makes recommendations based on activity, preferences, location, and other individual markers.


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Until the world agrees on a universal application, I’m going to remain suspicious of “one-click applications.” CVs and cover letters almost always require tweaking to cater to each employer’s specifications. However, TipTal does allow users to keep their information on file and apply directly for positions. Should the platform – and job pool – grow large enough, all of these elements combined in one location would go a long way to reducing the annoying tinkering and repetition that saps the will of job seekers.


Staying organized isn’t the same as finding a dream job, but is its own kind of prize. Feeling in control of a job search helps maintain a healthy mindset and focus energy, improving chances of landing work. TipTal is free of charge – may it help everyone strike it rich at their next position.


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