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Everyone wants a slightly different experience. Everyone needs something that they can’t find. Everyone has unique desires and expectations. And disappointments. Let’s face it, when it comes to the Internet, for many of us, our needs simply aren’t being met. So thank goodness a new team of startup entrepreneurs looks to provide an answer: theneeds.



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Based in San Francisco, is a platform that gives individual web users a personalized web experience. This startup offers a new destination where you can discover and share all of your favorite content and services in one place.


Your Web, Re-imagined

There are plenty of content curation sites available already, aggregating services that will tailor the news to an individual’s preferred sources, shopping platforms galore, etc. – but rarely do they meet in a sensible, coherent fashion. Everyone is searching for a way to end the disconnectedness of the Internet, and theneeds does so smartly by allowing users to connect to not just one but all types of websites in one location.



It’s like having a fancy Internet remote control that leaves out all the boring channels. Regardless if its news, travel, shopping, sports, entertainment, online education, music, or social networking that you crave, theneeds has you covered.


Content Curation, Web Discovery, Social Platform – Without Bouncing Around Like A Rabbit

One user described theneeds on Twitter as “…Reddit with pictures and stuff,” which is right, but doesn’t do the startup justice. Yes, you can stay current with all the latest and trendiest news, but you can also do a lot more on theneeds. Click on a tile, “Travel” for example, and you can read up on the topic under a number of specific subheadings, such as “Accommodations” and “Cities & Attractions.” Below this you’ll find a feed of engaging discussions. On the righthand side of the screen, you’ll find two boxes listing both top sources and services. So you might do all of your travel research, planning, and booking in one place.



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This would be an amazing convenience to begin with, but the beauty of theneeds is that you don’t have to go far to take the same approach to satisfying a wide variety of…needs. Click on music, and you’re already where you want to be to either read up on or buy tunes for your trip.


Current With Your Interests

Needs change of course, so naturally the platform doesn’t remain static. Vote content and services up or down. Jump into conversations. Share your favorites with the world or a private circle of friends. Two patent-pending ranking algorithms by theneeds “learn” users’ tastes and adjust future content accordingly. This simplifies browsing and helps streamline activity, which saves users both valuable time and their sanity.






Still in Beta, theneeds will no doubt continue making adjustments after hearing from its community. Co-founder Gabriele Pansa leads a team of executives with prior experience at Google, Microsoft, and Accenture. The company is one of the latest RocketSpace startups (the accelerator that helped launch Uber and Zappos among others). Break out of your dysfunctional web relationship, and see if this startup really listens to your needs.


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