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Find Your Perfect WP Fit Using Themeshaker WordPress Theme Search



The latest version of WordPress has been downloaded by more than 65 million users and has raised the total of WordPress sites populating the web to somewhere in the neighborhood of 112 million. Those numbers make the task of creating an original site – sorting through a confounding array of options before your beard touches the floor – daunting to say the least. may come to the rescue.





Themeshaker is a web application for WordPress theme search that simplifies the process of selecting a WP theme, guiding the seeker through attractive options with minimal effort and efficient filters. Find premium WordPress themes without paying a fortune. Adds CEO Paulius Rasytinis, “WordPress has almost become too popular. New WordPress users would find it very difficult to get the site they really wanted. We hope to change all that by presenting a targeted portal to filter down the most beautiful themes to deliver exactly what you are looking for. And we do it fast.”





I’ll Take That…

Choosing the right WordPress theme is like ordering the perfect cocktail (with the stakes being considerably higher of course). The site needs to mix the right ingredients in the right proportion. To the delight of James Bond fans, Themeshaker pours it’s themes shaken, not stirred. Relax, the user interface is as smooth as Bond in action.


Search for themes appropriate to your project by category, style, or layout. Depending on your aim–blog, e-commerce site, web hosting, or other type of business–there is a great variety of themes to choose from. Stylistically, there are options to match the minimalist or more flamboyant palate. Layout choices offer a similar, wide range.





You can also choose by price, but at the moment, there’s only one free template, so this will only carry you so far. Themes run from $29-$85, though most fall in the $35-$45 price range. Rasytinis assures that more themes will continuously become available. For someone looking to start an online venture without design skills, these themes will take the entrepreneur a long way toward having a viable, appealing website.


WP Themes offer different features, which may include:


  • Alternative Color Schemes
  • Built-in Shortcodes
  • Custom Post Types
  • Design Files Included
  • Featured Content Slider
  • Filterable Portfolio
  • Flexible Homepage
  • Form Builder
  • Layout Builder
  • Localization Support
  • Page Templates
  • Responsive Design
  • Styling Options
  • Twitter Feed
  • Video Tutorials


Rasytinis is the themeologist behind Themeshaker. Twenty-six years old, he’s a telecom engineer and developer from Lithuania. With the help of a seventeen-year old partner, Rasytinis built Themeshaker using the Ruby on Rails framework. He’s been at work on small and large scale websites since 2007, and he is a WordPress enthusiast. He owns WordPress Theme Magazine. And he loves cooking. Find him on Facebook or Twitter to see what recipes or web projects he serves up next.





Speed and Ease

Only a few weeks old, Themeshaker has already helped thousands of users. The combination of a fast algorithm and simple search tools refreshes the process of finding a WordPress theme like a cold martini does the nerves after a long, hard work day.





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