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THEATRE BOX Is Going To Change The Way You Listen

Everyone from movie lovers to music aficionados have, at one point or another, bemoaned a less than stellar sound system. Whether its missing out on the lowest bass or the whispers in the background, a good home system can be hard to find – and hard to afford.



The latest in home sound system technology is THEATRE BOX from ACEMILE. It’s a wireless home theater speaker that is small enough to hold in your hand but delivers a 3D sound experience that blows anything currently on the market out of the water.





A whole new sound experience

Traditional 3D sound systems use beam forming technology that sends the sound from a variety of places in the room. The sweet spot for hearing is at one predetermined place – outside of that, the 3D sound experience is degraded.


THEATRE BOX, however, using a brand new kind of technology called sound wave field synthesis (WFS). Rather than straight lines of sound that intersect to create a 3D experience, sound wave synthesis sends out sound waves that more closely resemble continuous waves of bubbles. Because each bubble has its own 3D audio effect encoded in it, you can be anywhere in the room and get the same 3D sound experience.



sound waves


And it looks good too!

When you picture a home sound system – and especially a 3D home sound system – you probably picture something bulky that requires a professional to install. Anything with a powerful sound must be a pain in the butt, right?


Wrong. THEATRE BOX is a sleek piece of technology that is small enough to be carried in one hand and all you need to set it up are fingers that can press the buttons. There are no wires, no speakers outside the box, and it’ll look pretty cool sitting where your giant, ugly sound system used to be.


THEATRE BOX utilizes Bluetooth technology to connect with a range of devices, allowing you to blast your music or fully immerse yourself in a new game. The versatility of the device means that you never have to sacrifice sound quality, no matter where you are what you’re listening to.


theatre box 1


Interested? Get one before anyone else.

The THEATRE BOX is in the process of completing a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. If you know that you’re the kind of person who’s going to need this technology as soon as it comes out, head over and donate in order to jump the line and get your own THEATRE BOX before anyone else does – and at a cheaper price.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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