Snap! Make Quick, Easy Cash With The World Of Pictures


Everyone is always looking for a way to make a little extra cash, especially in this economy. The thing is, most of those get-rich-quick schemes are exactly that: schemes. We’ve all stopped falling for those “make thousands of dollars a week… from home!” sites (I hope) but there actually are legit ways you can make extra cash with minimal work.


One site I’ve stumbled upon recently is The World Of Pictures (TWOP), a photo agency for the age of smartphones and high-speed internet connections. The idea – like all great startups – is deceptively simple: crowd-sourced photography.


Changed culture of photographs

We all know that cellphones have changed the way we do our personal photos. Just today I posted this meme that I think pretty much says it all:





Until I came across TWOP, I never thought about the fact that the way we do our personal photos is affecting the way we view advertisements. Now it seems almost painfully obvious: our constant exposure to the minutiae of other people’s lives through amateur photography means we are becoming less and less accepting of slick, super cleaned-up images.


So what’s the answer?

Crowdsourcing, obviously. TWOP connects people who are looking for photos (i.e. ad agencies) with people who can take them (i.e. you). We’re all carrying around pretty good quality cameras in our pockets, so why not put them to use paying back some of the cost of that data plan?





How it works

Private customers can post what they’re looking for and notification goes out to all TWOP users with the specs, when the “task” ends, and what type of license they’re looking to buy, thereby determining how much they’ll be paying. Users can then snap a pic or upload one from their personal files, which gives the photographer some extra cash and the customer plenty of options.


Photographers have two options for uploading: the TWOP app and the website. If you’re the kind of person who likes to get stuff done quickly and on the go, utilize the app. On the other hand, if you’re the type to sit down and really edit and think through your choices, then the website is for you.


Who’s behind it all?

I’m a big fan of founders who have experience in the field that their company is a part of and TWOP definitely has that covered. Bernd Schmekel and Susanne Odendahl are a German couple based in Munich. Bernd has a background in both photography and film, while Susan is an art director and art buyer in the advertising industry.





Their team also includes Andre Engelhardt on IT consulting and writer Jennifer Fizia.


Considering the fact that the photographer gets 50-60% of the cost of the license of each photo and the cheapest is license is five euros, I don’t think anyone is going to be getting rich quick with TWOP. I do think, however, that it’s a good way to make some pocket change and potentially alter the face of advertising. Pretty badass.


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The World Of Pictures (TWOP)