Command Your Fantasy Sports Leagues From The War Room


Admit it, you’ve already started thinking about what players you want on your fantasy team next year in order to cope with post-Super Bowl depression. There’s basketball and baseball, but for the hardcore sports fan there’s no such thing as an off-season, right? If you have a fever, and the only cure is more fantasy sports, then you should probably step inside (or click onto) The War Room.





The War Room (TWR) is a social media web application devoted exclusively to fantasy sports. It’s a news feed, personalized search engine, and fantasy sports-themed social network rolled into one. OK, so it feeds an addiction, but it does so smartly. Step into the huddle if you will…


All Under One Dome

First, TWR saves the fantasy follower from needing to visit multiple sites in order to stay up on the latest fantasy sports news. Those who crave every breaking development and analysis can find what’s being said across more than fifty popular sources and by more than 600 experts on Twitter. Each general can adjust the stations to receive commentary, reporting, and trash talk (what would the fun of sports be without a healthy dose of that?) as preferred. TWR works as a fast fantasy sports news aggregator.


However, while access is great, even the bare-chested, cheddar-hatted faithful fan who’s overexposed to the elements occasionally has pressing needs other than fantasy research. That’s why TWR allows users to filter content to cover only the players, teams, and scores relevant to his fantasy league. Syncing the news FantasyFeed with fantasy teams cuts out extra chatter. Gather the most important data quickly and easily.





InterLeague Play

League sharing functionality is arguably the highlight of The War Room platform. Not only does this allow for news to be tailored conveniently to correspond with fantasy teams, but it lets fantasy players share rosters, scores, transactions, tips and more. Inherently social, TWR gives fantasy players a great network to share their passion. With more than 35 million Americans involved in a fantasy league, there’s plenty of advice, competition, and outside events to coordinate that will benefit from having a common meeting place. Keep it mostly friendly – no one likes official reviews.


Calling The Plays

Founder and CEO Terry McMullen trained for the startup big leagues by earning his MBA at Harvard Business School. Before launching his company, he worked as a senior consultant at Deloitte and as a garden scholar (as in Madison Square Garden). He’s been a die-hard fantasy sports player, writer, and analyst for over a decade. He now calls the greater New York City Area home.





Here are some recommendations from head coach McMullen to maximize your experience in TWR and to become master of your fantasy leagues domain:


  • Sync your current fantasy leagues in The War Room to get customized content for your teams.
  • Add to your Player List to track news and analysis on potential waiver options, opponents players, and more.
  • Select your favorites from our Preferred Sources list to get analysis from the best content sources available.
  • Use the filtering options to access specific information you are looking for.
  • Invite all your friends to join The War Room to keep track of what they’re up to in all their fantasy leagues.





Find TWR on Facebook. Join The War Room at or get it in the App Store.


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