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FireQuoty Formats Customer Testimonials For You



Amazon and eBay changed the way things are sold, but looking at the trend in marketing research they could very well have changed the way people buy. Regardless of where it came from, it’s pretty safe to say that consumer behavior has changed, and those of us lucky enough to make money from selling things to the public have to keep up with the times.


Using customer testimonials is not a revolutionary development in marketing. It’s been standard practice since the nineteen-fifties, but businesses are starting to incorporate these bits of feedback into their web presence in new ways that engage customers and increase sales.


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One stop shop

As a web designer, Jay Hafling is all too aware of this trend and decided to create a website that can serve as a one-stop shop for people who want to incorporate customer testimonials into their website without having to pay a designer to help them out.


His brainchild, FireQuoty allows users to download an application that streamlines the process of coding texts from customers, making it super easy to get it up on a website. Having a testimonials page is commonplace at this point, but integrating testimonials into other sections helps boost credibility and allows you to connect with customers in a more organic way.


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Turn credibility into profit

FireQuoty is still beta, but the product it offers looks finished and fun. The real selling point is how quick the app makes posting customer feedback onto a site.  Most people are comfortable shelling out a chunk of change to get a website off the ground, but most hope to do the updating and maintenance themselves. Knowing that not every startup has a designer on staff, this service makes keeping up with your website a little more manageable.


Despite being in the beta phase, FireQuoty has laid the groundwork to include some pretty appealing features.


  • Choose from multiple themes – testimonials can be formatted for the location you choose. Small blurbs can fit neatly on the sides or you can break up bulky content with that awesome (yet detailed) review you got by featuring it between paragraphs.
  • Preview before you go live – this is great for those of us who haven’t mastered the art of CSS and JavaScript formatting.
  • Easily integrated design – the testimonials look cool but not in a way that distracts from the site’s overall design.
  • Simple setup  – you don’t need to be a webmaster to figure out how to get started. Signing up is easy, and FireQuoty walks you through the rest of the process.


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Keeping up with your project’s website is part of the job, and lucky for you there are a bunch of computer nerds out there hoping to make it big one day by simplifying this process for you. It’s definitely a niche market, but there’s no denying that anything that makes web design and maintenance a little easier should be an easy sell. FireQuoty takes customer feedback and turns it into code that you embed into any part of your site. It doesn’t get much easier than that.


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Author : Adam Corl

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