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A Business With True Sparkle

You know business is moving in the right direction when sales justify rent in Manhattan.

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Starting from scratch, Urvi Tejani has built her namesake company into a $2M business. A flagship store on the Upper East Side now sells the exquisite yet attainable jewelry previously available only online.


How did she get there?

“When I started back in 2004,” says Urvi, “high couture jewelry and accessories were out of the reach of most brides, yet the more affordable pieces were unattractive and poor quality.”


So she created a line of original pieces with an alluring gleam – elegant, classic, stylish, and not exorbitantly expensive. The Tejani name, which translates as “brightness” and “sparkle” in Hindi, suits the brand that balances glamour with practicality, blends Urvi’s Indian heritage with her modern designs.






Her earrings, necklaces, and bangles have adorned hit magazine covers such as Bridal Guide and the knot, and dazzled their way onto the O List in Oprah Magazine. Urvi’s popular pieces have earned her acclaim throughout the industry and a growing, social media stardom.


Before setting out on her own, Urvi refined her NYC fashion sense by working as a stylist at Vera Wang, a personal shopper at Bloomingdale’s, and as Director of Wholesale Sales at Nicole Miller. She earned her BA in Fashion Merchandising and Buying from the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising.


Rejuvenating the bangle

Tejani has achieved its marketplace luster thanks in no small part to the success of the Tejani Bangle Bar. Unlike bracelets, bangles form an unbroken circle. For this reason, they were traditionally sold as one-size-fits-all accessories, either ludicrously expensive or a poor fit – leaving too much unsightly space between wrist and bangle.


The Tejani Bangle Bar accommodates a much wider range of wrist sizes, offering multiple sizes of both non-openable and openable bangles. In effect, this gives individuals a beautiful, custom piece.






Instead of a mismatched trinket or a luxury item, the Tejani Bangle Bar transforms the bangle into a sophisticated accompaniment to any ensemble. Urvi’s ingenious take on the bangle has become a favorite for weddings and other special occasions as well as for enlivening day-to-day attire. Tejani stacked bracelets, statement cuffs and classic pave bangles pair with the bar to complete different outfits.


Stylish progress

To meet the runaway demand for the Tejani Bangle Bar, Urvi is in the process of pivoting her brand to focus on her most sought-after product. She’s turned to Fundable to help execute her ambitious business plans.


Want to impress wedding guests with graceful and charming jewelry? Want to learn more about the product bewitching Manhattanites, brides, and e-shoppers alike? Discover the Tejani Bangle Bar (if you haven’t already) here.


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