Batman, Nicole Glaros, & Getting Sh*t Done In This Week’s Tech Top 10

What crowdfunding site has seen 8 out of 12 hosted projects reach their targeted funding goals? I know the answer.


What common, overlooked email is the equivalent of a winning lottery ticket you’ve forgotten on your dresser? Oh, I know.


What Berlin startup is going to connect people to meaningful work like never before? I know, I know… and So Can You with this week’s Tech Top 10.




1. Foundersuite – Tools To Get Startup Sh*t Done

“While there’s no way to avoid all of the stresses of founding a company, there are tools to make the whole process a bit less painful.”


Turn your ideas into businesses. A serial founder helps out his brothers and sisters.



2. Anatomy of Success: Nicole Glaros

“Named by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the 7 Most Powerful Women to Watch in 2014, she had her first foray into leadership in the 4th grade, charging neighbors…”


She has the knack. A difference maker that can spot the gold within the fold.



3. New Niche Crowdfunding Site Plum Alley: Fueling Female Innovation [Pick Of The Crowd]

“…a crowdfunding site that focuses specifically on women entrepreneurs and women-run businesses.”


plum alley discover


How do you turn heads? A 67% success rate for featured projects receiving funding.



4. Victory President, Vinny Antonio I’m Not Saying He’s Batman But…

“…Victory has managed and staffed more than 20,000 marketing campaigns for some of the biggest brands…”


he’s genuine and awesome.



5. See How The World Works At Somewhere [Beta-Mined]

“Just where should you look online to find your inspiration? The answer, logically, would be to start somewhere. No, not just anywhere, but…”




A new network. I know, I know, you’re thinking been there and done that. But we haven’t. This startup is really great.



6. Enrico Palmerino – Doing It Better, Faster And Cheaper

“Ideas are great, but execution is 99 percent of what makes a company successful.”


Faster, but not hasty. Learn how to avoid $300k in losses.



7. Killer Secrets! 3 Major Marketing Mistakes You’re Making – And How To Avoid Them

“If you’re reading this, you’ve either already taken that massive leap and launched you dream project or you’re standing on the precipice, debating whether or not you’re ready to make the jump.”




Meet your new best friend, Corrina Gordon-Barnes, who will help you take that next huge step.



8. Give Your Website Visitors 24/7 Customer Support With A HelpOnClick Virtual Chat Agent

“Failure to address customers’ questions translates into lost sales.”


Your own website is last decade’s news. Now, your own virtual assistant



9. Why Are Transactional Emails A Goldmine?

“…in sending receipts, shipping notices and purchase reminders, many online businesses are including just the basic transactional information and often in the most boring and non-stimulating way. This is a mistake.”


Like finding a briefcase of money under the couch cushion.



10. Get Your Presentation On With These Hot Tips

“Chances are that you’ve done many, over and over, and you’ve asked yourself, “How effective am I at presenting?”


Do you want to be an entrepreneurial stud or dud? Being an effective speaker makes all the difference.


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