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Friday Tech Top 10 – Disruption, Homemade PR Magic, And Accelerated Hustle

Man, we’ve had some great startup stories this week! First lesson that jumped out at me: the door is never closed for the founders with creativity, a never take no for an answer attitude, and great ideas – not even prison doors! No matter if you intend to use the weekend for researching great tools, sneaking in a sci-fi flick, or channeling inspiration, we’ve got the right flavor for you in this week’s Tech Top 10.





1. How To Hustle Your Way Into An Accelerator

“…from searching for a new country to bootstrap in to landing an investment and starting down an exciting new path in San Francisco…”


matter group edit


Emma reports on brilliant success from the front lines of the hustle.


2. The Most Disruptive Startup Founders Of 2013 [Infographic]

“…the most disruptive startup founders of 2013 in everything from fashion to fundraising here…”


Computer Science Degree Hub takes stock of the year’s game changers.


3. Tap Into Higher Conversion Rates With Drip

“Stop letting customers drip away by taking advantage of Drip, an email marketing tool that improves conversion rates by setting up simple auto-responders and email mini-courses.”


Turn leads into customers with this innovative tool.


4. How To Come Up With A Killer Idea For An App (And Get It Made)

“Creating a mobile app and selling it through Google Play or iTunes is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make money online and has incredibly low barriers to entry with a disproportionately large potential pay-off.”


killer idea


If you build it, they will come. Greg Fisher covers coming up with the idea and making it a reality.


5. Top 3 YouTube Channels For Startup Founders

“One great (and often overlooked) source of information is YouTube. Unsurprisingly, startup entrepreneurs and thinkers like to record themselves (and others) talking about what they do and how they do it.”


Emma wades into the distracting waters of YouTube and comes out with these pearls of information.


6. How A Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Got 53K Twitter Followers

“These two cinder-fellas combined their love of ice cream, The Golden Girls, and social media to build a confectionery kingdom that would make most small business owners green with envy.”


THIS is homemade PR at its best. Adam tells the incredible story. 


7. Disrupting An Industry That Is In Desperate Need Of A Good Shake Up

“What if I told you that an anonymous team of three has figured out a way to save the taxpayers millions of dollars every year and that they were fully poised to disrupt a major government program that is in dire need of disruption?”


10Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 9


No space, not even this one, will intimidate the intrepid entrepreneur.


8. How To Create An Effective App Demo Video To Attract Users

“For app developers who have undertaken a great marketing campaign and been able to successfully drive traffic to their app, the next step is to ensure users are actually downloading the app – and the download is going to rely heavily on the demo video.”


Sean Casto shares tips on making this “make-or-break” component.


9. Pepper Potts’ Business Leadership Manual

“Using her as an example, you can develop your own keen business leadership skills, guiding your startup toward success.”


Edson Senna details wonderfully what it takes to be a hero among action heros.


10. Well Played, Wordplays

“Beneath all of these good reasons to use the Internet lies one common solution: the right words.”


Because messin’ with words is serious business!


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