Tech Entrepreneur Andrew Draper On Falling Out Of Love With Manpacks


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What If You Fall Out of Love with Your Startup?

If you are an avid reader of material about becoming a successful you or about the keys to building a successful company, then you have surely read something about the importance of passion. My latest interview with tech entrepreneur Andrew Draper helped me realize what an important part passion plays in the whole tech entrepreneurial process.



Tech Entrepreneur Andrew Draper | on Tech Hustlers



Now, how many times have you heard about tech entrepreneurs who have successfully raised a seed round and acquired thousands of customers as well as received tons of positive press and social media attention for their startup… but hear about that person being totally unfulfilled and begin to fall out of love with the same company that they are experiencing such success with?


Well, this happened to Andrew Draper, the co-founder of Manpacks, the popular web-based service that delivers men’s essentials, including underwear, razors, condoms, grooming and other products from top-name brands. Manpacks has been featured in ForbesMen’s Health, Inc.ThrillistThe AwesomerTechCrunchMashable, and more. [Even right here on KillerStartups.]



Manpacks Are True Tech Hustlers



Now listen to how this tech entrepreneur handled his loss of passion and how his two new startups, Scratchpad and Snapable, took off. Snapable is a mobile app that makes it easy for your guests to take and share photos of every moment at your wedding. Scratchpad is a web app that lets you clip and collect your favorite UI elements from around the web for use while mocking up your ideas.


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