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Taxi Makes Your Business Presentations Shine, Anytime, Anywhere

The last thing you want when you’re making a crucial presentation to or meeting with clients is a frozen screen, sketchy slides or just general user complication. But there’s a vehicle that is smoothing these blunders out and driving your presentations to the next level.



We caught up with Kendall Buchanan, the co-founder of Taxi, the online presentation maker that’s getting your presentations and meetings successfully out of your way.



What is your Internet-using love story?


KB: I love tinkering around with new tools and changing my ideas into a reality. That’s what I love about doing business online, you can think of something and with some time, it’s up and running. I have been building web applications for 10 years. 

Can you tell us a bit more about Taxi?

KB: Taxi came from a need in our small business. We make presentations online everyday to potential clients. After years of spending way too much for software that never really did what we wanted it to, we decided to create our own solution; Taxi. It worked so well for us, we decided to share it. Taxi is the fastest, simplest, cheapest way for small businesses and entrepreneurs to present online. It works entirely within a web browser so it can be used on any device that gets the internet through an innovative use of HTML5 Push Technology.



What time do you usually start work each day? Do you have an office or work at home?

KB: My workday never really ends, so I’m not sure when it begins. I usually start at about 6:30 AM. We do have an office, but a lot of my work is done wherever I am that day.


What’s the first thing you do when you leave the office at the end of the day?

KB: Listen to Econ Talk. Love it. Hopefully that doesn’t sound too nerdy. I also love rock climbing.


When do your best ideas come to you?

KB: We are constantly talking about new ideas and tweaking the ones we have. But for whatever reason, I do my best thinking in the shower. That’s when some of my best ideas have hit me.


We want to know about where you spend your day! What’s on your desk right now?

KB: On my desk right now is nothing but a white piece of paper and a sharpie. I like things simple. Ideas hit me at anytime, and I like to sketch them out as I brainstorm.



A lot of people have big ideas. What gave you the confidence to actually put your life on hold and realize yours?

KB: To me, it was the only choice. I have worked in the mid-sized business doing the day-in and day-out thing. I just realized there are different kinds of personalities. And mine doesn’t exactly fit that mold. Launching Taxi is the perfect example of what I want to spend my time doing. Getting and idea and just running with it. 


What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs struggling to get their business off the ground?

KB: Quit struggling, and get it off the ground. No really. It’s always going to take work. Real, hard work. So many people say they have all the great ideas but won’t ever in their lives decide to just create them and try. I don’t know maybe they’re scared. But just work at it, that’s the only way– there’s no secret.



Who has been your biggest cheerleader throughout this process?

KB: Well, we don’t particularly seek praise. We cheer ourselves on, and that’s enough for us.


3 people you recommend we follow on Twitter, and why?

@daveramsey – Great advice, a lot of these big financial advisor people have kind of lost it, I don’t think he has.

@rainwilson – The guy is hilarious, everyone needs a little laugh in their day.

@taximeeting – This awesome new tool we just heard about…right?


Where can our readers find you?

KB: You can find us on Twitter at @TaxiMeeting, or our website You can reach me directly at kendall [at]


Thanks Kendall! Check out taxi to make your next business presentation or meeting simple, effective and all-around awesome.


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Author : Holly Hutton

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