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Let Tax Alli Take Care Of Accounting So You Can Do Fun Stuff

Let’s start with a little experiment. Raise your hand if the idea of accounting gets you pumped. Okay, how about the process of finding an accountant? Or maybe you think they’re really definitely worth the amount of money that a traditional tax firm usually charges. Anyone? Bueller?



Unless you’re an accountant yourself, it’s highly doubtful that the idea of tackling the numbers excites you. On the other hand, even though accounting is one of those areas that is best left to the professionals, a new company in bootstrapping mode is likely to shy away from hiring an account when they’re working out where and when to spend their money.


Rather than assuming that, a) you don’t need an accountant (you do) or, b) you can’t afford an accountant, why not check out Tax Alli, an accounting service designed by a serial entrepreneur, for entrepreneurs.



Set prices

One of the big ways that Tax Alli stands out from the traditional accountant model is by offering a fixed fee rather than charging by the hour. You can chose from plans ranging from $60 per month to $190 per month in the Manage Your Business category or $39 plus a filing fee to $229 plus a filing fee to help you scale your business.


That’s it! Tax Alli has no hidden fees and no unexpected costs, which means you can put them into your budget and rest assured that you’re not going to be slammed with some major cost you hadn’t anticipated.


Super easy to use

Because time is really your most valuable asset as an entrepreneur, Tax Alli runs everything in the cloud, but that doesn’t mean it’s just another automated software. Tax Alli connects you to both cutting edge accounting technology and a real live accountant, which means you’ll never have to deal with a “zombie accountant” (their term) again.


business owner


Social proof

If you’re still not sure that the prices are worth it, consider the fact that Tax Alli has already served 7,000 clients in 50 states. Their clients range from traditional small businesses like mom and pop shops, restaurants, and retail stores to tech-based businesses like freelancers, web designers, developers, graphic designers, and well known startups like 99designs.


Basically, these guys know what they’re talking about.


So my final question is:

Who still thinks that taking care of their own accounting or just ignoring it all together is a good idea? Bueller? Bueller?


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Author : Emma McGowan

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