Explore The Live Opinions Behind Trending Topics With Tawqer


When I first heard the name Tawqer, I immediately thought of the celeb gossip site Gawker. Tawqer, as it turns out, is a type of gossip site (actually, more like opinions and sentiment site) covering trending topics like tech, finance, and politics. The site lets you explore the opinions behind the news. It’s the world talking, in real time. I like that.


Utilizing Online Comments

The team over at Tawqer believe that the comments online are seriously underutilized. So, they decided to gather and trend comments on issues like news, politics and tech to showcase the opinions and sentiment behind the news, as they happen. I know what you’re thinking, “Umm, isn’t that like, Twitter or something?” Not quite.





Tawqer hopes to expand, track, and trend all these opinions and topics to create a, “living archive of thoughts and discussions.” So far, the team says the first data set is pretty awesome and the stream more interesting than Twitter.


How it Works

Tawqer lists trending topics in an easy-to-navigate list, and streams the opinions and comments that are happening in real time online. This way, you can find out what people are saying about the Obama inauguration, what moms are saying about ADHD, or what people have to say about our good friend Google. Trending topics range from Japan to puberty and include (but are definitely not limited to):





More trending topics:


The main topics of conversation on the site right now are divided into Smartphones, Finance, Crime, Facebook, Apple, Obama, and you can find all the latest trending topics here.


What to Expect From Tawqer

The site is still in beta, but as the algorithm is being tweaked, you can expect a trending topic site with a broader set of results – so all of you avid news followers can keep up with all the latest trends as they happen. In the meantime, use specific searches like iPhone (as opposed to phone) and explore the thousands of comments the site has already collected for your perusal pleasure.





The Internet is bursting with user-generated opinions, comments and sentiment, and sometimes it’s difficult to navigate what people are saying about what topic. Tawqer wants to make it easy to explore the live opinions behind the news and let the world talk in real time. This just in, regarding the inaugural speech today, specifically taxes, political commenter Robin Winn says, “I think the best thing to tax would be political parties and campaign donations. Check out more of what people have to say on that trending topic here.


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