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Tasty Startups: It’s About Truckin’ Time Food Trucks Got On Board With Tech

Tasty Startups: Truck It OKC

truck it okc tracks food trucks



The Craving it Satisfies

Truck It OKC is a free iOS app that tracks food trucks in OKC (Oklahoma City). You can check out what each food truck has on the menu, where they’re at (in real time), and where they’re heading next.


Why it’s a Winning Recipe

Food trucks are in. The freedom to be your own boss, low overhead, and mobility make operating a food truck an attractive proposition for any chef. Plus, people love ‘em some food trucks. For festival bites or lunch on the streets, food trucks rule. Great food, great variety, fast, and on the cheap compared with dining at restaurants – what’s not to love?


Truck It OKC makes it easy for food truck owners to connect with patrons. They can share a menu by simply snapping a pic. Quick posts to social media accounts keep people talking, while an easy map and real-time location post let customers find trucks wherever they’re parked.


The local focus makes sense, too. Unless you’re a crazy crazy obsessive foodie (a group that deserves official distinction from your average crazy obsessive foodie), you only care about options within striking distance. You want to know what you can find to eat nearby. Close! Now!


Timing is on Truck It OKC’s side. Remember when the movie Sideways became a hit and Merlot sales tanked afterward because of a character dissing the grape? Chef may not be as well known, but, the deliciousness shown flying out of that food truck’s kitchen – and what was essentially a cinematic tutorial on how chefs should cash in on social media – will only give this culinary trend more momentum.


Now Truck It OKC just needs to take off and expand to other cities. In the meantime, there are over 100 food trucks in OKC. Who knew?


Look out, food truck owners. As they would say in Arrested Development, “You’re gonna get some hop-ons.”



It’s about trucking time. See menus and find food trucks in real time with @truckitokc. #app #FoodTrucks


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