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Tasty Startups: Find tkout Food Fast The Next Time You’re Starving

Tasty Startups: tkout

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The Craving it Satisfies

Order food by finding all the takeout and delivery options around you using tkout.


Why it has a winning recipe

Finding the takeout and delivery food you want is all about speed, and the way we’ve been going about finding food on the fly has been s-l-o-w. Tkout aggregates all the options available wherever you’re at, including restaurants as well as different ordering sites, so you can zero in on the right meal fast – and at the best price.


Can’t wait to use tkout. Like you, I’m sure, I still have a drawer full of menus (many outdated) that I flip through whenever I’m too lazy to cook or venture outside. Figuring out what places are open, if I need cash to pay, what’s on the current menu… is a silly waste of time that drops my blood sugar low to the triggering point of my unwelcome Incredible Hulk impersonation.



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Described on AngelList as a KAYAK for online food ordering, tkout “provides the most complete and concise listing of restaurants in the U.S enhanced with all available ordering methods including telephone, restaurant website and even online portals allowing direct purchase.”


Smart. Smart. Smart

Available as a web and mobile app, tkout lets you track down food using necessary filters such as cuisine and price. You can also check out reviews, including photos from the likes of Instagram and FoodSpotting to have a solid sense of what you’re ordering.


If finding takeout is a hassle at home, the problem becomes even worse when you’re traveling. First, you need to discover what restaurants are in the area, then figure out which ones might deliver to your hotel, for example, then contact the restaurant or try out another service – all when you’re hungry and tired and least in the mood to conduct intensive research. Tkout offers an easy-to-use resource wherever you go.






Aggregating options makes the choice of where to turn when you’re hungry a no-brainer choice of one. Food pics (we do love our food porn), and perhaps both more filters and discount opportunities than other services, suggest that tkout is determined to cover all the angles. From first click to the doorbell ringing, will they manage to have us eating takeout faster?


My stomach hopes so.



One takeout app to bring restaurants and delivery services all and in the darkness bind them! @get_tkout


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Author : Keith Liles

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