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Tasty Startups: Earn More For Your Food Porn Photos With Sniplo

Tasty Startups: Sniplo





The Craving it Satisfies

Nab discounts on food and drinks for the photos that you’re already taking.


Why it has a winning recipe

People love to take pictures of their food and drinks, and to share them with friends. Sniplo doesn’t ask people to change a damn thing, simply rewards them for what they’re already doing.


It couldn’t work any easier. Take a photo of your appetizer, entrée, cocktail, what have you, and post it on social media using the mobile app. Then – no that’s it. Then you collect instant rewards such as discounts on food or drinks at nearby restaurants. Maybe even earn extra goodies if your friends share your pics on Facebook.


To be honest, I don’t get our behavior at restaurants. I worked in the service industry for several years and can’t begin to tell you how many pictures I watched patrons snap, not of their companions or of themselves dining – just the food! Evidently, company and overall experience were secondary to immortalizing the iridescently fresh sashimi…


You’re dinner is getting cold, I always wanted to say. You know, we have a cookbook with professional photos of all this stuff? Not that it would have dissuaded anyone. Nope. People want firsthand pictures of their food so that they can remember dishes – and torture friends with jealousy?



sniplo app



I say memories are good, but they don’t compare with eating hot food and drinking delicious beverages. So, with Sniplo you really win, because you’ve got your trophy photo-case of amazing dishes consumed, your friends’ envy, and discounts that make it possible to dine out more often.


Sniplo has started by partnering with restaurants in NYC, but they’re taking suggestions for restaurants that they should bring onboard (probably much faster than they can keep up with).


So, my foodie friends, if you’d like to earn rewards for creating and sharing your food porn photos, visit for more details. Only, take pity on your servers, I beg you kindly – there aren’t any bonuses for submitting pictures of the same plate at daybreak, sunset, in moonlight… Snap, share, and eat!



Snap a pic of dinner and post it to Facebook, and score immediate rewards @sniplo


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Sniplo | Bill Abbott

Author : Keith Liles

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