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No Time To Buy Groceries? Find Help On TaskFriend

As a teenager, my friends jokingly called me “Lawnmower Man” because I seemed to mow the lawn for my parents an awful lot. I laughed them off. Truth was I didn’t mind mowing the lawn. It allowed me to exercise, listen to music, and to earn my allowance. If TaskFriend had been around, it might have even allowed me to earn a decent income.







TaskFriend is a platform for crowdsourcing help from your neighbors and for making services available to your community. As the website puts it:


“TaskFriend is a local online marketplace where you can find people nearby to help you with whatever you need. You can post a task and wait for others to make you an offer or you can browse through the listed services and find the one that is right for you. Otherwise, if you’re looking to earn money and help out your community, you can make an offer on your task or post a service of your own.”


I’m sure there were plenty of neighbors in the Chicago burb were I grew up that would have been happy to pay me to mow their lawn, and I would have loved to have earned the extra bucks, happily undercutting the expensive crews I saw working during the summer.


Find someone nearby to help you with anything you need

Now that I’ve recently become a parent, I can appreciate the value of TaskFriend even more. The little guy requires so much attention that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with ordinary chores – housekeeping, going to the post office for stamps, doing the laundry and more laundry, etc. None of these tasks merits paying for professional services, but it sure would be great to pay someone a few dollars now and then, so that everyone in the family could have a breather.


That amazing support network of friends, family, and neighbors? You can only play your best cards so many times. Not to mention, things always happen when the people you usually turn to aren’t available. A quick search for the type of assistance you need on TaskFriend, or posting a service your desperate for, would conveniently and affordably enlist the right help.



Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 12.31.08 PM



If you’re already working out of the house as a freelancer, have some extra downtime thanks to a flex schedule, or you’re a student dying to make a little cash in between studying, TaskFriend is a simple means to make yourself available and pick up work.


Reviews can help build up a reputation and earn more gigs, while also letting those in need of help feel more confident about outsourcing their errands.


Emergency dog walkers, car washers, someone to vacuum – the list of tasks we need completed that we either don’t have time for or really hate doing goes on and on. If you’re in a pickle for help or want to assist your neighbors for small fee, sign up to join Taskfriend for free at


Please, someone, I can’t hire a full-time personal chef, but I would love to have you turn my pantry into easy meals for the week before food spoils!


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Author : Keith Liles

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