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TapCanvas – Build Mobile Apps In 60 Seconds Via Drag And Drop



As I’m sure is the case with you dear reader, I’ve had countless conversations with app building dreamers about what the next hot app could be if only they knew how to build it them themselves. Well, if you’re interested in building a single-use mobile app, (an app that will be used for a short period of time), then TapCanvas has provided you with a solution.


TapCanvas has unleashed a web-based set of tools so that anyone can build mobile apps. That’s right, anyone.


Are you hosting a startup event in your city? Then you can build an app that lists the schedule of speakers. Why not add supplementary materials to that app that users can view such as directions or maps?


What about if you’d like to sell your home? Well, you can build an app with TapCanvas with all the relevant information you’d like to share with potential buyers. You could even add the QR code to the sign you post in front of your property.




All In One Tool

TapCanvas allows users to drag and drop their way into building an app that will last a short time. The HTML5 based apps that spawn from the app builder mean that they will work on almost any mobile device and you don’t need any previous coding knowledge.


Typical to the app creation process is the need for apps to be approved before they actually are sold to the public although in the case of TapCanvas, there’s no prior approval from a digital distributor needed.


TapCanvas founder, Joshua Merill, previously worked for mobile ticketing outfit MogoTix where he soon realized that building a ticket to be read from a mobile device was, at base, a kind of app built for a finite period of time.





Build And Promote

Whether it’s building an app for an iDevice, Windows phone, or Android, TapCanvas can handle adding maps, photographs, or a contact form in addition to much more. TapCanvas even allows you to promote your app to users by allowing users to send the URL of the app directly to anyone while also creating a QR code one can use outside the digital realm, in the real world.


The Palo Alta, CA based startup also offers plans ranging from $0 to $39 per month depending on the user’s needs. Users pay for a plan depending on their needs although TapCanvas is still in the process of determining pricing plans. Folks can get started for free and then upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime.



All accounts include the ability to build mobile apps in just minutes with no setup fees. Hosting is included for free and TapCanvas will help you promote your apps via QR codes and social media.


One thing is for sure, with a free plan, TapCanvas is well worth a try today. Give it a whirl and let us know about the mobile apps you create with TapCanvas in the comment section below.


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