Take Your Business Anywhere With Talkroute

An entrepreneur is never not working. Sorry for the double negative, but I used it to really emphasize this point: If you own your own business, you’re basically always on. If you have a startup, that’s even more true because building something from nothing takes thousands of hours of hard work.


With advances in technology – mobile in particular – we’re more able than ever to stay constantly on. We can work from home, from the bus, even (although please, please don’t do this) from a restaurant on a romantic night out.






The problem with all of that is no one sounds good yelling over street noise or talking through a bad connection on Skype. At the same time, missing important calls or not being able to respond to customer complaints is potentially detrimental to your business.


So what’s a super busy startup entrepreneur to do?

Enter Talkroute, a virtual PBX phone system that turns your one little measly cellphone (or your cellphone and office phone and personal phone and… You get the idea) into a full-on professional call center.






Once you sign up for their free service (note: they’re the only ones out there right now who aren’t charging) you decide how many devices you want to add. After that, head over to their control panel where you can set up exactly how things are going to work.


Want to forward calls from the office to your cell? No problem. Need voicemail set up at certain times (like during those romantic nights out)? Easy. You can even set up a re-directs to recorded messages (think “hours and location”) – and if you have one of those voices that sounds like your 12 years old no matter how you try to get the pitch lower, Talkroute has professional voices you can use instead.






Super helpful, super simple.

Device overload is undoubtedly a huge problem these days. We’ve got cellphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and some of us still even have old-school landlines. No one needs a new thing to add to that, right?


With Talkroute, you get all of the benefits listed above without having to even think about a new device. It integrates seamlessly into your current phone system and doesn’t need internet to run. However, if you are more of an internet kind of person than a phone person, you can also choose to have your voicemails sent to your email.



Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 11.54.26 AM



Don’t let your business control you.

Having your own business is more than a fulltime job; it’s a life. While the technologies we currently have at hand make it easier for us to work whenever and wherever we want, they also strip away some of the control we have over our schedules. Being on all the time is sometimes necessary, but it’s rarely fun and oftentimes extremely intrusive.


Talkroute lets you take back  that control by deciding exactly how calls are going to be screened and directed to you and your business – whether you’re in the office, at home… or on that romantic date.


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