Take Business Cards Into The 21st Century With elloBEE

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Networking is an essential part of being a startup founder. With meetups happening worldwide and the startup community growing rapidly, any founder who doesn’t network is probably going to sink pretty fast in the sea that is Startuplandia.


And the business card is the number one tool for any networker. It’s also an ancient inconvenience that has been cluttering up wallets, creating waste, and generally not doing what it’s supposed to have done for years. Sure, there are those master networkers out there who have alphabetized Rolodexes (Rolodexes still exist, right? Am I just totally dating myself here?) full of every card they’ve ever gotten, complete with notes on the encounter.


But those people are the people the rest of us hate, because we know we will never be so together as them.


For the rest of us, the card forgetters and card losers and people too young to have ever even heard of a Rolodex, there’s elloBEE, the 21st-century evolution of the business card.


The app is simple: first step is creating an elloCARD that highlights your skills and your brand. The look is clean, harkening back to sites like LinkedIn with a simple, professional profile that anyone would be happy to share.






Business cards on elloBEE can be shared app to app (with other people who have elloBEE), or via email, SMS, or a unique QR code. The app also saves all of your elloCARDs so that you don’t have to worry about Rolodexes or which pocket in your wallet you’re going to stash physical cards away in, only to never look at them again.


Another feature of elloBEE that is 100% 21st century is the ability to use their Map View feature to find other skilled people worldwide. You can also make introductions between contacts, see your contacts’ contacts, and network a bunch of different ways, directly in-app.


It’s a whole professional network, attached directly to you business card.


Paper is so 20th century, and when you consider the fact that you don’t do anything else on paper these days, using paper business cards seems especially silly. Get your network in order – and never lose a contact again – with elloBEE.


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