Conquer 50+ Countries! Tablo Publishing Platform Makes iBook Publishing Easy


Forget about the writer’s anxiety over a blank page. What about the torment of a blank tablet screen – as in authors struggling to self-publish their works online as iBooks? The horror! The horror! Looking to end such nightmares and make publishing easy, arrives the Tablo service and publishing platform.


Tablo is a publishing service for iBooks that makes it easier to publish in iBookstores. Distribute your e-book in over 50 countries with little more than a click. The goal is simply “to provide authors with the best self-publishing experience in the world.”





Start Planning the iBook Party Early

Until now, writers have dealt with time-wasting hassles such as foreign tax registrations, ISBNs, Apple contracts, and long processing waits when trying to put their words on the iTunes shelves. The Tablo publishing platform absorbs the headaches and simplifies the process into 3 steps. Wordsmiths select a publishing package, register an account in the Author’s Centre, and submit their book. Then they spend more time at the desk doing what they’d rather be doing – writing!


The submission procedure? That’s where the pain creeps back in, right? Wrong. Writers only need to enter some contact information and book details. They control the pricing of their books in different markets. Tablo provides some basic guidelines (and assistance if necessary) to ensure that uploaded book files quickly earn Apple’s approval. Authors also enjoy the great pleasure of choosing their launch dates.


Inside the Author’s Centre

Here writers turn pages into iBooks, adding a book cover image, screen shots, and a sample copy for readers to preview. Authors may even make titles available for pre-order. Furthermore, Tablo lets writers update their books, adjust interactive content, and more. Writers keep full rights for their material.





In addition to sending their literary children out into the world dressed appropriately, authors have direct access to sales information. Tablo offers daily reports. Handy graphs illustrate sale trends and peak sales days. Tablo shows the total number of books sold, royalties earned, and even the top selling country. In other words, writers have an uncomplicated view of their work from the time they click submit until they become stars of the talk show circuits.


A basic publishing pack runs $99 dollars, or the price of the ISBN required to publish on iTunes, which Tablo goes to the trouble of obtaining. After Apple’s 30% take and local tax adjustments, writer’s take home 80% of their royalties. A premium membership costs $299. In this pack, authors receive 90% of their royalties, more elaborate sales reports, and may publish up to five books. For more pricing details, click here.





Australian founder Ash Davies lost six months and hundreds of dollars publishing his first book in the iBookstore. He decided that publishing shouldn’t be so difficult and set out to build the solution. Besides Tablo, Davies is the founder of the online magazine PhotoGuides. His camera savvy does more that pretty the Tablo website though – Davies is the successful author of PhotoGuides Guide To Photography. Learn more about seeing your penned masterpieces read too on iPads and iBooks by visiting





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