Solving The Question Of “What To Wear?” – StylePuzzle Fashion App [Beta-Mined]

Bear with me if I stop making sense, but I need to type quickly – if anyone learns that I am writing about anything remotely connected to fashion, I will likely have my MacBook Pro confiscated permanently. I am, in a word, unqualified to write about fashion. So what am I up to this Monday?


Well, the first thing I read about StylePuzzle was, “Let your phone pick out daily outfits for you.” After which I immediately thought:


Brilliant! Perfect! How has no one else come up with this?




Smartphone Stylin’

I have no style, which I know some would like to argue is it’s own kind of style, except that in my case – IT ISN”T. I’m perfectly happy to have my phone select my wardrobe. I do care how I look, but I don’t ever want to think about what I’m going to wear. The options on the shelves – the considerations for what matches or what’s appropriate – paralyze me. And any flicker of fashion sense that I might once have possessed working from a home office snuffed out a long time ago.




This might be the only instance where I’m willing to let technology do all of the thinking for me. Enter the contents of my closet into StylePuzzle, train the app to match outfits for me. Done. The people kind enough to have bought me decent clothes over the years deserve me using this app.


The Handheld Tailor

A “Pandora for fashion,” StylePuzzle can turn a wardrobe into a personal fashion playlist. Receive outfit recommendations based on tastes, days of the week, the type of occasion you need to dress for and other factors. StylePuzzle can even take local weather into account when choosing an ensemble.




Instant, real-time, automatic outfit planning. It’s such a smart concept, it probably deserves better, but, at least in my case, I’m going to say that StylePuzzle facilitates brainless dressing. Thank you, StylePuzzle. With any luck, this will be my first and only fashion post.


Dressed to Impress

Find out when the app is ready by visiting (a name by the way that joins two words together with the same beautiful synergy as peanut butter & jelly) and find updates and more details on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram.


I may be completely lost when dressing outside of an all-black palette, but even I can see the enormous potential for partnerships and for monetizing this venture. I sense both a runway and runaway hit.


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