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Figure Out Just How Much Money You’re Making With Stride

Companies that make money online have to decide one major thing: how they’re going to get paid. There are plenty of secure systems out there these days, but they often have certain restrictions or requirements if you’re going to use them.



While PayPal is obviously the most famous payment system, it’s not the best option for everyone. As a result, smaller payment companies have popped up – including Braintree.


Braintree launched in 2010 and was folded into the PayPal/Ebay family not too long afterward. It’s an increasingly popular platform for companies collecting payment and those companies should check out Stride, a startup that formed to help Braintree users get and track key performance indicators and SaaS metrics based on their Braintree accounts.




Braintree is a great tool and it provides a lot of data that can be hard to keep track of on your own. With Stride, companies now have the ability to track the following metrics:


Finance Statistics

Stride lets users keep track of their monthly recurring revenue, which is perhaps the number one most important metric for a startup. You can also track their annual run rate, the average revenue earned per user, and the lifetime value of each user. While those stats are just good to know if you’re going to run a good business, they’re also super helpful when meeting with investors.


Customer Statistics

Need a little more information about your customers? Stride will not only let you know how many you have but also how many of them have cancelled. They’ll also keep you up to date on user turn rate and any upgrades or downgrades your customer makes. Remember: the more you know about your customers, the higher earning potential each one has.


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The Stride Team


Payment Gateway

Lastly, Stride helps you keep track of any fees, failed charges, or refunds you’ve had to send out because it’s just as important to track how much money you’re losing as it is to track how much you’re making.


And it’s affordable.

Stride has a scaled fee, starting with a 30-day trial. After that, if you’re digging it, their service costs nothing for 50 users or under, $49 monthly for up to 250 users, $99 for up to1000 users, and $149 for up to 2500 users. If your company is already using Braintree, why not give it a shot?


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