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Late Again? StickNFind Can End Your Scramble To Find Things

Though not officially recognized, “Now where did I put my__” has to be the most played game in households everywhere.



Wallet, car keys, the folder with Billy’s homework… Something is always missing when the time to be out the door was 10 minutes ago – and as much fun as honing detective skills can be, life is much less stressful when we can find stuff immediately, make our appointments on time, and not have to worry about losing things.


Fortunately, you don’t need to travel to distant planet to find a reality in which possessions magically reappear. Instead, there’s StickNFind.



StickNFind are small stickers with Bluetooth capabilities. Approximately the size of a quarter, they stick to just about anything. Owners put stickers on their stuff and then use the StickNFind app to “communicate” with their objects.


Passports, laptops, TV remotes, backpacks, wallets, keys – place stickers on your most important possessions and things you’re most in the habit of misplacing, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can locate these belongings with minimal effort.



sticknfind mobile app



A radar-like display on the app guides you closer to StickNFind stickers. Paging stickers causes them to emit sounds so that they are even easier to find – these sounds can be customized to better help distinguish objects. An LED light even makes it possible to find items in the dark.


With StickNFind, it’s easy to set up notifications for when stickers come and go out of range. This function is incredibly useful in a number of situations. For instance, a sticker on your pet collar can alert you before your animal strays too far. Stop the taxi from driving off with your luggage. Always be at the front door to greet Holly returning from school when the sticker on her backpack lets you know the bus is only a block away.


StickNFind stickers can also monitor temperature – a nifty feature that can help prevent electronic devices from overheating.



virtual leash



The more pressed for time we become, the more likely we are to set our things down absentmindedly, costing us even more of the precious time that we can’t afford to lose. Keeping a digital leash on possessions with StickNFind is an easy way to break the cycles of hunting for lost stuff and whirling around into an even more scatterbrained, frantic mess.


Want your stuff to stick by you? StickNFind is currently a finalist in the Crowd2Shelf contest – run by Fundable and Staples – with a chance to sell their product in Staples stores and on the Staples website. If you think they have a winning idea, head over to their crowdfunding profile and show your support!


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Author : Keith Liles

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