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Never Lose Your Keys Again With Stick-N-Find!



Every once in awhile I stumble across a new company that I think truly has the impact to change my life. Obviously all of the startups we cover here on KillerStartups are potential life changers, but they usually target a specific subset of people because, let’s face it, specialization is what startups do best.


Today, however, I’ve got something that will change the life of 95% of you. The other 5% obviously has super-crazy-memory-powers and should stop reading right now because you’re all freaks and this tool is not for you.


Never lose your keys again!

You pumped enough yet? Good. You should be. Let me introduce Stick-N-Find. I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve been tearing apart my apartment looking for some small thing I’d stashed away (most recently, my passport) and thinking “Why can’t I call it like I call my cellphone when it’s lost??” Well, now I can.





This is one of those ideas that’s going to have you slamming your head against your desk and saying “Why didn’t I think of that??” because these guys are going to be the next Post-it.


The idea is so simple, it’s brilliant: quarter-sized stickers that are Bluetooth enabled. Stick them on your remote, your keys, your lipstick, or whatever it is that you always lose. The stickers are connected to an app that displays a radar screen with the general direction of where your things are hiding. After that it’s kind of like that “Hot and Cold” game that you played as a kid but instead of your little brother trying to run you into walls, you’ve got a clear screen to follow. The radar screen well tell you if you’re moving closer or further away.





Keep your stuff on a tight leash

Awesome feature number two of this already excellent invention is the “virtual leash,” which allows you to set a designated distance you want your items to be from you. If you move out of that range, the app buzzes or beeps (your choice), letting you know that you’re too far away.


You can also set up a “reverse leash.” Say, for example, you’re rushing out the door to an interview but your phone is resting innocently on your bed side table where you slammed it down that morning after the alarm jolted you awake. If you’ve got the reverse leash connecting your keys and your phone, your keys will buzz to let you know what you left behind.


I told you it was brilliant.





And more features to come!

While all of that would have been enough to convince me to jump on the bandwagon, the guys behind Stick-N-Find didn’t stop at the every day. Another suggestion they’ve made is to use Stick-N-Find to track your luggage at the baggage claim. Just put the sticker on your bag and sit back and play Angry Birds until your phone buzzes to let you know it’s time to head out.


But did these founders stop at just awesome? No, of course they didn’t. A new app is being developed as we speak, which will endow the stickers with all kinds of new superpowers. For example, you’ll be able to place Stick-N-Find stickers on the door of conference room that will automatically switch your phone into meeting mode or it could on a navigation app when you get in the car.





Stick-N-Find recently vastly surpassed their IndieGoGo goal of $70,000 with $931,060 raised and is currently taking preorders. Head over to their site now and check it out!



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Author : Emma McGowan

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