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Lift Your Business Spirits With StartupVitamins Motivating Posters



“One day you think you’re changing the world. The next you think your product is crap.” Sound familiar? The team behind StartupVitamins has heard this before, lived it, and knows that keeping a healthy perspective requires a supplemental, motivational boost from time to time. That’s why StartupVitamins makes motivating posters that keep inspiring phrases fresh in the mind’s eye.


Essential for Growth

StartupVitamins sells museum-quality posters that prominently display quotations from startup luminaries. For example, one featured bit of wisdom comes from Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey: “You have to make every single detail perfect. And you have to limit the number of details.”





No matter how determined each self-starter, everyone needs a reminder of the principles that feed those lofty ambitions. It’s common practice for creative individuals to keep motivating quotes close on hand, to detox from stress or to maximize energy for a new project. StartupVitamins condenses the learning of industry leaders into digestible phrases, artfully shown on 18 x 24″ posters made of thick, durable matte. Each costs $26 dollars. International shipping is available. To date, StartupVitamins offers a selection of 11 posters with more in the works.





The Startup Dietitians

Founder Lauris Liberts has seen eleven projects falter and knows how useful a pill-sized lesson can be for resuscitating belief. StartupVitamins is one of more than a dozen projects under the DraugiemGroup company umbrella, which also includes MapOn, DeskTime, and Draugiem.Iv – one of the only European social networking sites that’s managed to keep Facebook nipping at its heels.





Clearly Liberts, a native Latvian entrepreneur, doesn’t lack for ideas or enthusiasm, but he knows the value of a morale boost to stay even-keeled throughout the topsy-turvy founder’s life.


Co-founder Chris Dumler began the Los Angeles branch of Startup Foundation, a program for fostering startup ecosystems throughout the world. He also works at the social video discovery platform





More than Personal Health

Purchases at StartupVitamins also benefit the greater startup community. $5 of every purchase goes toward Startup Weekend (working to build a global network of entrepreneurs) and Garage48 (developing startup cultures and the entrepreneurial spirit in Estonia, northern Europe, and Africa). For more details, visit here.


Daily Dose

If one poster of distilled wisdom doesn’t provide all the nutrients lacking in your startup diet, the StartupVitamins website also has a daily quote blog, which can be found here. This destination supplies wisdom and encouragement not just from the startup community but from writers, inventors, and creative individuals of all stripes.


Find pithy gems like this one from Maxim founder Felix Dennis: “Good ideas are like Nike sports shoes. They may facilitate success for an athlete who possesses them, but on their own, they are nothing more than an overpriced pair of sneakers. Sports shoes don’t win races. Athletes do.” Or…


“Don’t spend so much time trying to choose the perfect opportunity that you miss the right opportunity.” -Michael Dell





In time, the right opportunity looks more and more like the perfect opportunity – but don’t quote me on that. Follow StartupVitamins here on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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