Show Me More! 3 Startups In Beta That Look To Wow

Hat’s off to the startups that tackle a problem others are working on, trying to offer a solution that’s better or different from the rest. Their determination and belief are to be admired. Truth told, however, it’s the startups that take on something new that often excite the most.


Of course, “new” is often in the eye of the beholder, the timing of personal discovery, but it’s also a matter of a company executing successfully first – delivering useful products and services.


In a video interview, LockerDome CEO Gabe Lozano says, “…you cannot scale ideas. You can only scale something that somebody actually wants.”


So, this week’s Best In Beta choices single out “new” concepts that promise something people will actually want. Each of the 3 selected startups elicits the enthusiastic cry: “Show me more!”


Let’s have a look:


One Month Growth Hacking

“Get your million-dollar idea off the ground in just one month.”





Who wouldn’t want what One Month Growth Hacking has to offer? Every bootstrapping founder shares similar struggles – validating their idea, finding an audience quickly, spreading the word without the money for marketing. There’s enough collective wisdom around to make one month growth hacking possible. It remains to be seen how OMGH will manage, BUT… Get it done!



Analytics are hardly new, but VUE’s focus on answering questions related to mobile performance is a smart tack. Everyone – marketers, app developers, business owners – knows that understanding users’ mobile activity is the key to huge profits. VUE offers to turn the key with one line of code.





Answer the questions that need answering, receive direct feedback from users… A star is in the making.



How is it that chat rooms still create such headaches? Coordinating meetings, matching software… Ridiculous. As the name suggests, Room looks to simplify. No downloads, no installations, no signups. A shared URL, and up to 3 people can chat in a room for free directly within the browser.





Simple and free. Thank you. Of course, the company also has potential to make money by accommodating more people in a room. This one lets in fresh air in an otherwise closed and suffocated space. Bravo.


Thoughts on the picks this week? Other brilliant beta startups readers should know about? Let us know in the Comments section below.


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