Get Rid Of The Insurance Headache With StartupInsurance

I turned 26 in March, which means I’m officially off of my parent’s insurance. Luckily for me, I was still young enough when I quit my “real job” that the loss of health insurance was nothing more than a blip as I transferred over to my parent’s plan again for a couple of years.


But that all ended six months ago and my mom has been on my ass ever since. Because I’m a 20-something, I obviously still think that I’m invincible and will never, a) get sick, b) get hit by a car, or c) fall down the stairs or something.




That’s stupid. And I know it’s stupid. And yet I still don’t have health insurance.

I don’t have health insurance because figuring it all out is SO COMPLICATED. There are so many different plans, so many different options, and even with a very expensive college education, I have no idea what half of the lingo is when I make the half-assed attempt to get on some kind of plan.


Unfortunately, this is a problem for pretty much everyone who’s young and self-employed. No one ever taught us how to do this stuff because no one assumed we would be crazy enough to eschew nine to fives with benefits.


And yet, here we are, totally loco.

If you haven’t started freaking out about the fact that you’re not covered, you probably want to start now because in January, we all have to have health insurance or else pay huge tax fines.


But don’t worry!

I have an awesome solution for you. The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) has just announced their StartupInsurance program, the first insurance program for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.


“With so much complexity around the healthcare landscape right now we thought that building an organization that’s for business owners by business owners would make a lot of sense,” says founder Scott Gerber.




Yup, Scott. Definitely makes a lot of sense to me.

Because the YEC is comprised entirely of young, successful business owners, they’re uniquely positioned to know exactly what you need and the kind of problems you’re facing when it comes to tracking down affordable insurance for you and your employees.


With that in mind, they’ve created a site that connects you with major insurance carriers across the country pretty much instantly. No more Googling and calling and emailing and deciphering different quotes. The YEC wants to make it all as easy as possible so that you can get back to doing what you get best: building your business.


And they’ve made the process super simple:

All you do is put in your email and your state for free quotes on a range of different options. Whether you need full coverage, partial coverage, or dental, the YEC has all of your options.


Also, for those of you who are freelancers (like me) or small business owners but don’t necessarily fit into the “startup” category, check out FreelancerHealthcare and SmallBusinessInsurance. It’s the exact same service, just targeted more specifically for you.


And with that, I’m off to sign up for health insurance. My mom says thanks, YEC.


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