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KillerStartups Roundup: The Best Of Startup Life



You’re busy. We get it.


The fast pace and crazy work hours of startup life make it impossible to keep up with all the latest startup news, trends, and tips – and worrying that you’ve missed out is no way to begin the weekend. That’s why we’ve rounded up this week’s hottest startup stories from KillerStartups below.


Killer Startups

  • With so many collaboration tools available, it’s fair to wonder if any of them actually work. Why else would people keep trying to make new ones? daPulse works. The technology worked so well for a startup on its way to becoming a billion dollar company that employee Roy Man decided to form his own company. Find out why daPulse helps startups maintain their focus and stay productive so effectively.
  • VersedU takes an unusual approach toward disrupting education – by not disrupting it at all. Instead, the startup is developing supplemental courses that bridge university learning with real world experience. Do they have the right formula to restore a degree’s value?
  • Our posts have a shelf life of about – you probably stopped reading this sentence to move on to something else. Wait! We have no attention span or memory left because of our obsession with “new.” Timehop brings past moments online back into the present, fueling nostalgia and laughs. Well done.


Living the Startup Life

  • You micro-entrepreneur, you. Be your own business. Earn money by turning your everyday self and activities into cash flow. Yes, you can do this.
  • Brian Mayer. Do you know what he did that turned the Internet against him? Do you know why people reacted the way they did? Check out Emma McGowan’s astute analysis of the outrage over ReservationHop and jerk tech.
  • You’ve probably heard of founders working day jobs before to pay the bills while they develop their startups, but probably very few sustain themselves in the way that Pablo Chavez has. Let’s just say that no dolphins were injured during the writing of this post.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • How crazy is tech culture? Have a look at these crazy food trends. Bulletproof coffee? Is this the end of food as we know it? You must read to believe.
  • One of the best way to get people to pay attention to your web content is by including striking images. Stock photos are BORING and a huge turn off. Take advantage of these free image sources to keep your pages lively.
  • Working while the weather outside is perfect… you know the pain. Stay productive during the summer by following these helpful tips.
  • Any idea how much color affects your conversion rates? You will be blown away by these statistics. Color makes all the difference.


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