Ahoy, Me Startup Mateys!


A sunset cocktail sail around Key West. A mid-summer cruise through Prince William sound, graced by a pod of Orcas and glaciers calving. Some of the best moments of my life have come on a boat… A busted fishfinder at the start of a week-long excursion… As well as some of the worst. Star Marine Depot looks to keep sailors of all stripes smiling by equipping them properly for going out on the water.



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StarMarineDepot.com is an e-commerce platform for outdoor consumer products, specializing in the sale of marine supplies. The company states that its mission is to: “provide our customers with high quality consumer products, everyday low prices, and superior customer service.”


Call Me Ishmael

I’ve never had the good fortune to own a boat, but judging by the word of friends and family members who have, even in the best of times, boats require substantial maintenance. No matter where you live, summers – hours on the water – are short, and no one can afford to squander good times searching for replacement parts or waiting for long overdue orders to arrive. StarMarineDepot makes it easy to both locate and order boat supplies. Maximize boating trips, making sure you have GPS, radios, lifejackets, propellers, and all necessary gear in working order.



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Find marine electronics and supplies with a simple search of manufacturers, products, or goods category. Be sure to take advantage of hot deals under the “Specials” tab and discounts under “Rebates.” Whether you need a stereo system to blast the iTunes while you’re jet skiing or sealants to keep the deck in tip-top shape year round, StarMarineDepot has your back.


Search for boating equipment in the following categories and more:

  • Anchoring + Docking
  • Boat Care
  • Deck Equipment
  • Electrical
  • Marine Accessories
  • Marine Electronics
  • Navigation
  • Plumbing + Pumps
  • Safety Equipment


Each category is broken down into subcategories, offering an extensive selection of products. If you can’t be on a boat, you can pass the time via preparing and dreaming by adding items to a wishlist. Better yet, outfit your rig by purchasing goods added to the shopping cart. Basically, StarMarineDepot is like your marine version of Amazon.



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In addition to great consumer products, StarMarineDepot runs a blog that covers maintenance tips, boating regulations, product reviews and deals. Keep track of all your orders and order status online. For visitors that need assistance, there’s e-mail or phone support on standby.


StarMarineDepot is based out of Coral Springs, Florida. The website was created in partnership with Greybeard Design Group. Follow the startup on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll forgo anymore sailor jargon, but I will say that it’s never never too early to load up on marine maps, compasses, and such, in advance of International Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19th (which has a pretty cool history you can read about here). While traditional marine storefronts keep standard shop hours, StarMarineDepot is online for you at any time.


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