Spot On Time: Getting There Just Got Easier

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We all got places to be, and presumably a time frame in which we need to be there. We also know that getting to said places is not just a question of point A to point B (though it does bring back memories of MapQuest) it is a product of mentally balancing calendars with projected travel times, traffic conditions, and directions.


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On a good day this balance can be hard to achieve, trying to pull this off in the middle of a hectic work day can be downright masochistic. This particular set of problems inspired a mystery founder to enlist OT Mobility Inc’s CEO, Dave Rothschild to develop an app that can help users manage their schedules and driving times.



The concept is impressive, but the follow-through almost brings a tear to my overworked eyes. Rothschild and his team have developed a subscription-based app called Spot On Time which brings together the functions of apps that map out directions, schedule, and monitor traffic so that users can get to where they need to be when they need to be there.


Seriously spot on

Most of us frantically look at Google Maps while trying to get to somewhere new in our cars. This method is fine, but has its limits. Spot On Time delivers on service because unlike traditional mapping apps, it allows users to plug in multiple stops, along with the times at which they need to be there. Spot On Time will actually notify the user when they need to leave, taking into account live traffic and weather feeds, estimated travel time, and yes even parking. Users get turn by turn directions from their old friend TomTom.




Yeah, no that’s right. Parking. The development team has really mastered the real life factors that go into getting to commitments on time. Finding parking can be included in planning routes and will even offer to give you walking directions from where you parked to your final destination. Looks like Siri might have some competition in the “how the heck do I get to work” department.


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On top of providing users with optimized driving directions based on real-time data, Spot On Time also allows people to plan ahead. Entering in your week’s destinations along with desired arrival times. Repeat trips can be programmed, along with routine stops at drive-through coffee shops, which achieves every apps biggest goal – fitting into the everyday lives and schedules of its users. That way users can get alerts and reminders on when to leave throughout the week without having to think about it.


Spot On Time is available by subscription with various different pricing plans. The most economical (in the long run) is the yearly subscription plan, which comes in at $39.99 a year. The app is available for free download on both Google Play and the Apple Store, and comes with a free two-week trial period. The subscription pricing is pretty reasonable, and according to Rothschild necessary, because Spot On Time has to pay licensing on their real-time traffic feed. The app has potential to pay for itself with the money users save on wasted gas. Users can plug their info into a calculator on the website to see just how much they will save in dollars, though I’m guessing the savings in gas will still pale in comparison to the valuable time they will save thanks to Spot On Time.



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