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SponsorPay: Reach An Audience Of 400 Million



If you haven’t caught on already, display advertising is an outdated tool for an online world – content changes too often, the game has turned mobile and social, and consumers have grown both more sophisticated and demanding. No one seems to have figured this out quicker and gone to work on implementing alternatives better than SponsorPay.


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SponsorPay is an advertising platform that relies on the value-exchange model. Advertisers provide something of value to the intended audience in exchange for their participation in advertising campaigns. SponsorPay specializes in mobile-app and video advertising as well as social media engagement.


The Win-Win-Win Formula

SponsorPay takes an everybody wins approach to content monetization. Users of mobile or social applications earn rewards – premium content or in-app bonuses – for interacting with advertisements. Advertisers connect with a highly-engaged audience. Business owners, publishers, developers, what have you, make more money from previously non-paying customers.




Straightforward enough, but SponsorPay begins to differentiate itself from the competition by running multi-platform campaigns. The agile team offers web, social, and mobile solutions, and in addition has the technology to provide single-point mediation during campaigns between sales teams, agencies, DSPs, and global networking partners.


SponsorPay Featured Products

  1. BrandEngage – boost brand awareness with social video and engagement campaigns for mobile and social apps
  2. AppEngage – improve app discoverability with this user acquisition product for iOS, Android, and Facebook apps
  3. Mediation Platform – a one-stop-shop for insightful reporting and yield optimization


Reaching an Audience of 400 Million

While certainly not the only ones to think about immersing ads in video games or platforms such as Facebook, SponsorPay apparently does its job very well. Founded in 2009, the team has worked with leading brands such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, OutFit7, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Warner Brothers, and Volkswagen. Headquartered in Berlin, they now have offices in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Shanghai, Seoul, and Tokyo.


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Medium Momentum recognized SponsorPay in 2012 as the second-fastest growing digital company in Europe. In 2013, OnMedia included the group in the world’s top 100 digital media companies. Thanks in part to the BrandEngage user-acquisition campaigns, the company’s revenue grew 126% in 2012. Mobile revenue in 2013 is up 308% compared to statistics from the year before.




Some of the tremendous success should also be credited to their performance-based pricing model. Leading the industry in this trend has earned the company several partners. If businesses don’t make money working with SponsorPay, SponsorPay doesn’t make any money either. Happily for all involved, this hasn’t been the case so far.


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This eager bunch looks to continue impressing with their results and expand from entertainment into larger publishers, media, and even possibly retail. SponsorPay was co-founded by Andreas Bodczek and Janis Zech. Bodczek notes on the SponsorPay website, “We always strive to deliver enhanced value for our clients, which encourages us to constantly think creatively and leverage new developments in technology.”


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