Spanish Accelerator Mola Invests In Ideas And People

We all know about the startup bubble, that place where entrepreneurs get stuck when they’re working 24/7 on perfecting their product. Even if you distract yourself by reading about the startup world on awesome websites like this one, sometimes it’s good to consciously get a little inspiration by taking a look at who the next up and coming stars are.



(Besides, you never know, one of them might be your future competition.)


Accelerators are obviously the best place to look to when you’re seeking out new companies. You may not have heard of them yet, but Mola is an accelerator that launched in September 2011 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. They rocked their first round of funding, raising $1.6 million USD in February and they’re aiming to up the ante in September by closing in on $3.8 million.



Mola obviously wants to incubate and nurture nascent startups, just like any other accelerator, but they also have a bigger goal in mind: founder Enrique Dubois believes that “investing in innovation and entrepreneurs is the best way to economic growth.” Examining the financial hole that Spain has fallen into in recent years, Dubois believes that the best way out is through internet startups with a global focus.



One thousand companies applied for the seven available spots, so you kind of have to assume that they’re pretty awesome.


Check them out and judge for yourself:


  1. Blaffin hopes to rock the gaming world by letting it’s users compete against each other and rule their Arenas.
  2. FashionRoom is a site that wants to act as a middleman between producers of high end clothing and their wholesalers and retailers.
  3. Habitissimo helps with home refurbishment by connecting professionals with consumers and providing ideas and guidance for projects right on the site.
  4. Study2Gether provides a platform for students, parents and teachers to share information securely and safely.
  5. Moodyo takes shopping and social media to the next level, letting you connect with your friends and see what they’re buying.
  6. Neventum wants to provide information about trade fairs and corporate exhibitions.
  7. PlaceChallenge allows all to indulge our inner dork and run around playing video games in real life, through their geolocated mobile gaming platform.



Keep an eye on Mola and what they produce in the next few months. This little experiment of startups saving the economy might be just what we need…


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