Spacehive Is A Crowdfunding Platform That’s Giving Back To Your Community

It seems like there’s a crowdfunding platform for everything now; art, film, music and even old video games have come back from the dead thanks to funds from fans and donations from devotees. But, it’s the platforms that give back to the greater good, like the urban development crowdfunding site Spacehive, that catch my eye. And, hopefully yours too.




The journalist turned urban planning startup founder

Chris Gourlay is the guy behind London-based Spacehive. He worked as a Sunday Times journalist for four years as the chief reporter of London on architecture and planning. His accolades include:





  • Leading a successful campaign against Heathrow’s third runway.
  • Board advisor for the charity Global Angels
  • Breaking stories like Prince Charles’ battle with architect Lord Rogers over the Chelsea Barracks project.
  • Part of Nexters initiative (groupd of social entrepreneurs supported by companies like Deloitte).


His time as a journalist exposed him to the huge shortage of creativity and funding for public spaces in the UK, and he decided that there must be a better way of doing things, thus, kicking off his community crowdfunding venture Spacehive.


Neighborly Love

Spacehive is focused on crowdfunding neighborhood improvement projects, and making it “as easy to fund a new park or playground for your area as buying a book online.”


The platform has won awards from:


Of course, urban planning proposals and approvals are always a slow, bureaucratic process, but Spacehive is making it pretty easy–inspired projects pitch their community-improving ideas for support and funding and residents get to give back to their neighborhood by donating to projects they care about.


And, the projects on Spacehive are awesome. Here is some of my favorites-


After the riots – Happiness in Tottenham

I was living in London last year during the riots, and could hear hooligans yelling from my Finsbury Park flat. Luckily, I wasn’t near Tottenham, the epicenter of the chaos, as many of the stores were ablaze for days.



This Spacehive project (with 9 days left to reach their £787 goal) will fund an exhibition of ideas and proposals on how to improve the area of Tottenham.


Success! Glyncoch Community Centre

Spacehive was able to help fund the project to build the Glyncoch Community Centre in Wales, raising nearly £800,000. The Centre will include activities such as bingo to Taekwondo.



Success! The Queen’s Jubillegal Head

Under the category “something different” this might my favorite project, albeit not as “charitable” as some of the others. The project was to create a replica of the Queen’s head to display on a boat filled with Jubilee revelers. This was back in June. I’m sure it turned out smashing.




I’m on board with the crowdfunding craze, and when it comes to platforms that give back to the community, definitely count me in. So, if you’re a UK community project creator, or a neighborly do-gooder, make sure to check out Spacehive and make your hood a better place to live.


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