Songza App Sets The Music Mood And Grabs 1 Million Downloads

How many times have you fumbled to find just the right playlist for a specific Saturday night mood? I know I have, and music is pretty much essential for a variety of Saturday night activities. Thanks to Songza, the music streaming service that recently launched an iPad app, your perfect playlist is a click away.



Just looking at Songza’s example icon, I’m totally sold:

Header: It’s Saturday late night. Play music for:

a)    A Sweaty Dance Party

b)   A Nightcap

c)    Getting High

d)   Getting Lucky

e)    Bedtime

f)     Nighttime Driving


Let’s check out how Songza is revolutionizing our Web music world.


Songza on the (Web) Radio

How is Songza different from other Web radio services? Two reasons:


1. The stations are made by the people- i.e. any member of the Songza community can create them


2. Songza helps you find the perfect playlist by personalizing them based on your interests (a-la simple surveys, what your FB friends are listening to, etc.)


Now, millions of users are finding the soundtrack of their life (or, at least the moment).




AmieStreet Acquisition Boosts up the Beats

In 2008, AmieStreet, a company that allows musical artist to upload their music for promotion and sale, acquired Songza, and despite a brief hold of their services in 2010 due to problems with YouTube API, the service is once again kicking music streaming bum and taking names.

The new and improved Songza is thanks to the creative team over at AmieStreet.


App Happy

The recent launch of Songza’s iPad app, and a ten day download total of 1.15 million times on the company’s iOS app, is testament to the power of free music for the people.


It also proved that startups can disrupt crowded spaces as long as they’re solving a problem. Songza’s unique features do just that, including:


  • Curated playlists by likes of Rolling Stone writers and DJs
  • The Concierge feature takes bits of info about your preferences, calculates the time and day and suggests playlists for you accordingly (see above list)



With the launch of the new app, Songza has seen its web traffic turn mobile. Elias Roman, the young entrepreneur from Brown and now CEO of the company, is happy to see the mobile transition. It’s also available for iPad, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire and Android platform.


Let’s see, what would be my playlist sound like right now? It’s a Wednesday, sunny and quite chilled. Not sure. Songza, can you help a girl out?


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