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Everyone needs inspiration in their work. If you love your job, you still need to find new projects, new collaborators. If you loathe your work, well, you probably need lots of inspiration if not changes. Just where should you look online to find your inspiration? The answer, logically, would be to start somewhere. No, not just anywhere, but Somewhere.




How the World Works is a new social network for people to share their learning and experiences from work. This is the place to talk about what you do, describe your talents, and connect with like-minded people and companies. Forget about redesigning your CV, or changing the format of your resume into a video or something else. This is a brand new, social way to broadcast and deploy your skills.


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The makers of Somewhere explain: “We believe that work is all about people and cultural fit and not a place where you go from 9 to 5. To find Somewhere you fit, you’ll have to shout out from the rooftops what’s important to you.”


As a network, Somewhere lands in a space somewhere between a LinkedIn and Facebook. It’s geared toward making professional connections, but goes about fostering relationships via more personal exchanges. Somewhere also allows you to grow a community with people you quite possibly don’t know. While mining existing social networks for unseen potential has been a hotbed for innovation, Somewhere nicely removes the barriers that inhibit interacting with strangers.


It All Starts With…

Inspiration, conversation, connections – they all start with… sparks. Sparks are Somewhere’s version of tweets, or pins, or posts if you will. They combine visual information with texts, serving as a “window to your world of work.” Like, comment, or share Sparks that inspire you.


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Members can also search Sparks by collections arranged around different topics such as “Getting Better At Work,” “Things That Inspire Me,” and “Side-Projects & Diversions.” Or users can simply follow and connect with other people or companies.


The Internet has changed how we work, but many of us have not figured out how to take full advantage of the new opportunities and freedom. Job dissatisfaction remains rampant. This conundrum exists not because of lack of talent or imagination. Finding work online is still a confusing endeavor. Reading job postings, reading about a position open is a lot different than interacting with people. Culture doesn’t translate across fact sheets. The only way to gain a sense of what work is truly like is to know the people involved. Somewhere’s approach is very promising.


Request an invite here to join the Somewhere community. Follow this Berlin startup on Twitter and Facebook or by reading their blog. May you find all the rewarding, joyful work you desire!




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