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Most of us are at a point now where we have so many social media profiles all over the interwebs that it’s hard to keep track. I know that when I interview entrepreneurs they always send me 3-4 links to their various profiles. But there’s got to be an easier way, right? Right. Enter


The Simplicity of is the one-stop-shop to reference all your social media profiles and pages in one place. And what makes it so awesome? Founder Ron Rule says the beauty of is its simplicity. The platform allows you to share your social presence through creating a profile that is all about you and the social networks you are a part of. This is a personal branding win.





How it Works unifies your social media profiles and pages, giving you a clean, simply profile that includes your photo, bio and skills/expertise tags. It also provides you with a short URL (ex: to add to your business cards and e-mail signature (which looks much nicer than link after link to all of your social media profiles on your business cards and at the end of every email). You also have access to their website tools so you can add a nifty little social icon strip to make it easy for your audience to click and visit your respective profiles.

 is all about you! stresses that the site is all about you and your social networks.  It’s not a marketing company, so it promises there will never be ads on your profile or emails (unless it’s about your account), so you’re left with a simple, clean and unified profile all about you, my friend. And it supports 34 networks at the moment, so even your old school Myspace profile can be referenced. Don’t see one of your social media networks on there? No problem. You can send an inclusion request and ask to have it added.





Create your profile today

Start using by signing in using one of your social profiles. The site will pull your basic info over and start your profile where you can add all your other social networks when you log in. I just created mine and it was as simple as pie. Now I have all my social media links all in one handy spot with one nice profile.


If you’re active on social media networks and want to make your personal branding efforts much more effective, definitely check out and start referencing your networks in a convenient one-stop-social-network-shop.


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