Smooth 8: Detox, Energize, And Lose Weight


My first ever writing job was working for a company that sells vitamins, updating their customers on the latest in natural health research. That little bio-blurb wasn’t for bragging purposes but to show you that I’ve got a little background in this natural health stuff. That’s important because today’s company is Smooth 8, a chemical and preservative-free way to bring down the acidity in your drinks. It was developed with the help of an MIT chemist.





Who cares about acidity?

Well, you should. According to the Smooth 8 website, the majority of our diet these days is comprised of acid-creating foods. Add that to the toxins we take in every day from pollution and plastic products and you’ve got a body whose pH balance is all out of whack.


(pH levels measure how acid or basic something is. Remember those little paper strips that turned color in high school chemistry class? Yeah, that stuff.)





Studies have shown that a highly acidic pH in the human body can lead to all kinds of illnesses, ranging from diabetes to cancer, so keeping your pH level down is actually way more important than you thought.


Supplement your next detox

Detoxing is a big thing these days, with people deciding it’s time to flush out their systems for all kinds of reasons. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or just want to get back into balance, detoxing may be the answer.


Smooth 8 puts themselves forward as a simple and painless detox. Because a few drops of their product turns water into an alkaline drink (meaning very basic, not acid at all), they claim that it will naturally reduce the acid in your body.


Sounds better than drinking juice for a week to me…





It even helps you lose weight

Here’s something I didn’t know before I discovered Smooth 8: apparently your body creates something called “fat buffers” when it’s too acidic. According to the Smooth 8 website, that’s the reason people have trouble losing that last bit of weight.


Smooth 8 is designed to re-balance your body’s pH levels, meaning there’s no need for those extra fat buffers. It’s also a zero-calorie drink, meaning you won’t be putting any other fat-feeders into your body.


Energy drink alternative

A lot of energy drinks have high acidity, but Smooth 8 is exactly the opposite. Ever get nasty cramps after a serious workout? That’s partly because your muscles need a proper pH balance to function at max capacity. Rather than hydrating with something that’s only going to make you feel worse, why not go for enhanced water that balances out your pH, allowing you to workout longer and more efficiently?


There are plenty of ways you can improve your health, from diet to exercise to special fasts. Smooth 8 is another product for the health and weight conscious among you who are looking for an extra boost in an area you’d probably never thought about before.





AND they’re saving the world

Here’s one more fun fact to leave you with: Smooth 8 has a long-term goal of setting up water purification plants for people who don’t have access to clean water. So, by supporting them, you’re not only helping keep your own body healthy; you’re potentially helping others all around the world.


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