Slideee – The #1 Search Engine For Slides

Slideshows are an inevitable byproduct of business. On top of being a little tedious to make (slash hard to pay attention to) slideshow presentations can also be tricky to search for. There are a whole host of reasons someone might want to search for a PowerPoint slide (or two). From research to looking for inspiration, the PowerPoint-making masses want their content and they want it now!


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Enter Slideee

Slideee is entering the scene to try to help fill the void left by more mainstream search engines that haven’t managed to streamline the process of looking for slideshows. is a search engine and aggregator for all things slideshow and PowerPoint.


There are a couple of ways to search for content in this mountain of projectable information. One way is by taking advantage of the site’s thorough list of categories, which makes finding material for that presentation you’re dreading way easier.


Categories include:

  • Art & Photography
  • Business & Management
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Investor Relations
  • Marketing
  • Software
  • Technology


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Hashtag #Easy

The other cool way of finding what you’re looking for is by searching for tags and hashtags. The site also features the most popular tags (hash and your more old school variety) into four feeds. These feeds breakdown trends on the site into:

  1. Trending hashtags
  2. Hashtags of the month
  3. Trending tags
  4. Tags of the month


This kind of organization is key if you are going to make sense of the over 8 million slides and presentations that has searched. Searching for slides may seem like a niche need, but it could very easily become a popular tool for people preparing their own presentations. I don’t have statistics at hand but I am going to go out on a limb here and say that a HUGE majority of us will get stuck preparing a presentation sometime in the near future.


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Bringing all of this content together in one easy to search site couldn’t have been easy, but there is no doubt that it is useful for the working (and studying) masses. It’s hard to leave Slideee without getting some piece of usable information or a little extra inspiration, and let’s be real – if there is one thing more PowerPoint presentations could use it’s inspiration. If you’re looking for a more randomized dose of slideshow creativity, check out their twitter @slideee_com.


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