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Have You Considered This Marketing Method?

You’ve looked into Facebook ads, banner ads, traditional marketing methods, maybe you’ve even considered radio or television, if your market demographic is particularly old school. But have you thought about SMS text marketing?



Check out these facts:

mms-marketing-phoneThe majority of people have their phone within arms length 24/7 these days and texts are one of those things that people pay close attention to. According to SlickText, 97% of people read texts within five minutes, which is a pretty impressive metric. Can other advertising platforms claim that kind of attention?


SlickText is a company that sets you up with easy to use text marketing. But don’t worry – it’s not spam. Customers interested in getting your company’s latest news and exclusive – sometimes last minute – deals can sign up for the service, so it’s not like you’re just randomly sending out texts to folks who may or may not be interested.


How does it work?

SlickText provides your company with a unique keyword that interested customers can text to the number 31996. They’ll get a customized auto-reply immediately upon sending the text while, in the backend, their info is added to your SMS marketing list. From that point on, that person will receive any and all messages your company chooses to send out.


How does it benefit you?

There are always going to be times when business is slow. By offering exclusive deals through your SMS marketing system, you can help control customer behavior at times when your company needs the boost in revenue most. Your customers also benefit, getting awesome deals that they would have missed out on if they hadn’t opted into receiving your texts in the first place.




How can you get the word out?

Include your keyword on your Facebook, your Twitter, your website, or even on physical objects that your company is already using for marketing purposes. If you feel like email marketing just isn’t enough for you and your company, check out SlickText and get ready to explore a whole new way kind of marketing.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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