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SkillPages: The Next Marketplace For Talent

Talent is no longer restricted by geography. Telecommuting makes it possible to hire anyone from any part of the globe as long as they have the skills and they are available. HR departments use every available resource to find the right talent for their organization and SkillPages is a resource with three million members around the world offering their talent.


The site can be accessed to find the right skilled person in your area or any where around the world.


SkillPages was founded by Ian Mac Donald and Michael Gallagher in 2010. The inspiration for the business came after trying to find the right tree cutter, which goes to prove inspiration can happen at any moment. The difficulty in trying to find a tree cutter was the seed Ian needed to create a venue where skill can be found with relative ease. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices in Palo Alto, California and Singapore. They have a team of 31 people.


Talent Sample

You can find every imaginable skill on the site with different levels of experience to suit your need and budget. Some of the skills available include:

  • Graphic Designers – 51,458
  • Chefs – 35,424
  • Photographers – 65,453
  • Comedians – 2,178
  • Philosophers – 4,199

The sample is meant to show the variety available on SkillPages but if you are looking for a mechanic, teacher, doctor, lawyer or a tree cutter you can find them just as easily.


Social Connection

The SkillPages platform is designed to use the social connection of the member so you can find people you can trust with the right set of skills. Once the trust is established regarding the workmanship and reliability they can be found by new customers, businesses and employers.

Finding The Right Person

Finding the right person is never easy, but with SkillPages the search begins as soon as you post the type of skill you are looking for your business or personal life. The search is shared with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so it can be matched with one of the three million members on the site. You can see recommendations for the best workers and you can make your choice based on the criteria that is best suited for your need.


As a member you will be notified as soon as a skill matching your field is requested. These opportunities are only available on SkillPages with over one hundred thousand new job offers, customers and requests being made daily. You can respond to the request and start the process of negotiating your working arrangement with your new boss.



As a skilled member you can promote your page with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media site or online tool to drive traffic so people can see who you are and what you do. In effect it becomes your online business card which can be accessed by anyone around the world.

The skills you have may come at a premium but if you don’t let enough people know about it you can limit your growth. A site like SkillPages lets you test the waters in other parts of your city, state, country or the entire world so you can explore the full potential of your talent in the comfort of your own home.

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Author : Frank Griffin

Frank has been a soldier, a social worker and an insurance agent. Currently he spends his time volunteering and working for NGOs in third world countries, specifically Ethiopia. Writing lets his brain exercise and he loves tackling any subject. Frank enjoys visiting indigenous groups around the world and his goal is to visit as many of them as possible before they end up being tourist attractions.

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