Turn Your Workout Into Art You Can Hang On Your Wall

Have you guys heard about Claire Wyckoff? She’s the San Franciscan woman who became internet-famous recently for “drawing” dicks using Nike+ on her run every day and posting them online. Her story is a great example of a way to make working out more fun and, now, one startup has taken the idea to a whole new (albeit much more rated G) level.


Sisu takes your app-tracked runs and turns them into a piece of art that you can actually hang in your bedroom. Tapping into the pride that some many people feel when they set and meet workout goals, Sisu creates a one-of-a-kind, minimalist piece that compiles all of your runs over a specific period of time.




The prints include the name of the runner, the period during which she was running, and then the outlines of each run. They’re the kind of thing that could hang just as comfortably on an office wall or in a living room, understated but still commanding a presence.


What’s the point?

For most people, working out sucks on a scale of “I want to die” to “This was the worst idea ever.” While stuff like weigh ins and measurements give some folks encouragement, most of us know that we need a little more of push. Working out takes time, effort, and you don’t always get to see the results right away.


That’s why I absolutely love these posters. For visual people like me, having something you can actually look at and say, “Holy shit. I really ran all of those designs,” is pretty huge. That’s why these apps are popular in the first place, right? They give you a better understanding of how much you’re actually doing, both in a visual and numerical format.


And, duh, they also give you bragging rights.

Approximately 80% of the reason people use these apps in the first place is so they can brag about their workouts on social media. Sharing exercise accomplishments is definitely a part of the whole process of getting fit and having a piece of art to hang on your wall makes you look not only healthy but also cultured, amirite?


sisu wall


Well, cultured as long as you don’t follow Claire’s hilarious example and run in the shape of genitalia every day. Although, now that I think about it, that could be a whole other kind of wall art…


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