SimpleVox Virtual Phone System For Small Businesses Is Giving Google Voice And Skype A Run For Their Money


Now, I don’t know a lot about VoIP or virtual phone systems, but I do know that if you’re a small company with a bunch of virtual employees, having an efficient, flexible phone system in place is crucial. The problem is that systems like Google Voice are built for large enterprises that don’t really fit the needs of smaller businesses. That’s where the SimpleVox virtual phone system for small businesses comes in.


The VoIP for all Your Small Company Communication Needs

After 3 years of running a traditional business Internet Service and VoIP provider, Vince Dasta decided to create a more modern virtual phone system that would meet the needs of smaller businesses, and have all the trappings of an enterprise phone system. This way small businesses don’t have to hack up a bunch of apps and services to get all the same VoIP features on their own (and still have a pretty unreliable system).





Meet SimpleVox, the alleviator to your small business communication woes. It’s the simple, modern VoIP system that’s taking the basic enterprise PBX concept (i.e. auto attendants, voicemail, extension dialing, holding music, etc.) but allows you to hook up any type of communication gadget including smartphones, VoIP desk phones, landlines and desktop apps. Check out SimpleVox’s nifty explainer video below.





Modernizing the Competition

So, how is SimpleVox different from its competition, namely, Google Voice, Skype and Virtual PBX’s? Well, besides being able to hook up whatever device you want, it creates a true VoIP system that doesn’t lock you or your employees down to hardware, app that are vendor specific or custom software. Basically, SimpleVox is cutting out the baggage found in legacy systems to bring small businesses a platform that is flexible and efficient.


SimpleVox Features

I had a chance to test out the platform and it’s pretty simple and straightforward. Each employee has their own dashboard where you can view your account details, what type of devices you’re using, user info, voicemail, conference calls, and very useful call flow feature where you can manage how a call is received and handled.The user portal also has a simple layout to show you your voicemails, call history, settings and devices. The layout is neat, easy to use and will make your virtual phone system life much easier.





If you’re a small business frustrated at how traditional VoIP phone systems are not meeting your needs, definitely check out SimpleVox. All the communication features you need, all on one simple platform.


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