Trust Me, Your Bank Sucks. But There’s A Simple Solution


Saving is not my thing. Checking my account everyday, not my thing. I just swipe my debit card and hope for the best. I know, I know… I should be more “financially responsible”. But, for people like me it’s challenging. Luckily, there’s a new way to bank, and it’s Simple, even for me. It will certainly make you think twice about who you bank with.

Ditch Your Bank. Clarify Your Finances. It’s That Simple wants you to divorce your bank for a less complicated relationship with them. The app allows you to use your Simple Visa wherever Visa is accepted, and has a straightforward display of what is “Safe to Spend” at that moment (as opposed to the traditional “current balance” that often times does not accurately reflect what we have in our accounts… as I’ve experienced time and time again).





The app details each purchase and categorizes it  (Alcohol/Bars, Bills, etc.) seconds after you use your card. You can even hashtag what the purchase was, i.e. #beers with friends. I imagine that would be the most used hashtag on my account.


Reach your goals

I love this feature of Simple. Basically, you set purchase goals and Simple will tell you how much you need and how long it will take for you to purchase those things. For example, I want a new iPad by March 18th. Simple shows you that the iPad is $599, I’ve already saved $156 which means I have $442  left to purchase the iPad by my desired date. It even tells you how much you should save per day to reach your goals. Clear, simple and a fantastic way to visually keep track and understand your savings.





Customer Service is Simple

The banking industry relies heavily on good customer service, that’s why Simple has made sure you get the quality customer service you would expect from a traditional bank (seriously, why am I not a copywriter?). Their team is ready and waiting for your call or message so they can make sure all your needs are taken care of.


Banking on the Run

Mobile is our future (if you haven’t already heard), and Simple has built a mobile banking app ready for our on-the-go lives. You can take a photo of a check you’ve written and see it reflected on your account immediately. And you can even use the mobile app to authorize sensitive transactions. Which I’m not quite sure what that means. Adult toy store purchases perhaps?





So my better banking seekers, check out and ditch your old banks for a younger, sexier one. Sign-up for your exclusive invite here.


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