ShoppingPal Online Shopping Tools Are Your New Best Friend


So I’m a pretty particular shopper. When I shop, I do it intently, that means I want to know that what I’m buying is the perfect fit, price, product, etc. But with literally thousands of shopping sites online, it’s pretty difficult to compare products without getting confused and overwhelmed. That’s where ShoppingPal‘s online shopping tools come in.


Everyone needs a pal

It is always better when you have a friend to shop with. You know, someone who can say, “That dress looks great on you,” or “Pink is definitely not your color,” or “Wait,  you cannot pay that much for that!” ShoppingPal wants to be that friend for you who helps you make better shopping decisions, online. Here’s how our little buddy does it:





Collect and monitor your products

This is an awesome feature. You can surf the web, collect products you love and monitor the prices using ShoppingPal’s bookmarklet (they even give you suggestions while you shop). So now you can monitor when that crazy expensive Gucci bag finally goes on sale.





Get advice from your real-life friends

Sure, a platform that helps you organize your online shopping is great, but you still want the opinions of the people you know the most. ShoppingPal lets you see what your friends and family think of what you’ve collected online. This way, you can make a more informed decision. For example, if my mother hates the skimpy black dress I found online, I will probably buy it.





Save some cash, baby

This is my favorite thing about shopping. It is rare that I actually pay full price for something, and I pride myself with finding designer duds at discounted prices. ShoppingPal will help you do that, too. They monitor over 5 million products at any given time, and usually save their users over 20% on their purchases.





So there it is, as simple as that. ShoppingPal is the awesome online shopping tool that is giving shoppers more confidence to make better online purchases. How? By combining their automated suggestions with your pals’ advice so that you know you are making the best decision at the right price. And, you can create your account for free. Oh yeah, and check out their blog with the latest listings of serious online discounts.


Now, my online shopaholic, get over to to start using their online shopping tools for collecting, monitoring and purchasing products perfect for you. Get help filling your closet and fuel the online shopping economy. Win-win.


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