If You’re Ready To Be Up In The Clouds, Shared Has The Space For You


I have a MacBook Air. While I love my little paper-thin computer that weighs less than a full water bottle, I really can’t store anything on it. I have an external hard drive that has like, five more times storage space than my computer but the couple of days last month when I thought I’d lost it made me realize something:


I really need to get my stuff in the cloud.


So I did a little research and found one cloud storage service in particular that I wanted to share with you guys. It’s called (appropriately) Shared and it’s pretty awesome.




Easy Peasy

Shared has fully jumped on the drag-and-drop bandwagon, allowing you to move your files onto their system with a quick and simple motion. If you’re a more old-fashioned type, they also give you the option to upload that way too.


Extra bonus: you don’t have to download anything, ‘cause it’s all online. I never really thought about the fact that it was a little counterintuitive to have to download something to help you save space but Shared’s model definitely made that clear.


Serious Storage Space

My computer has 2 GB of storage space which (I know!) is practically nothing. Luckily I’ve never been a big movie/music/photos person, so usually it works out fine for me. However, sometimes I definitely do need a little more space and the free 5 GBs that Shared offers almost triples my storage capacity.


If even that much isn’t enough for you, they also have a totally affordable pricing plan. For only $9.95 per month, you can get 250 GB of space and for $24.95 you get 2 TB.


That’s like, 512 MacBook Airs.




Shareability is Key

Because we’re all jetsetters these days, working with teams that include people who are physically located in every corner of the world, being able to access all of your data in one easy location is key.


Shared allows you to do just that: share whatever you want with only the people you want. (I think the NSA is out of this one? I hope?) Just choose whom you want on your team and you’re good to go.





Plus It’s a Growing Market

My dad told me the other day that 90% of the world’s data has been produced over the past two years. That is a crazy amount of information and with more and more ways to create data, that number is only going to increase.


That means services like Shared are only going to get more valuable in the months and years to come. Way to knock it out of the park, guys!


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