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Marketing Tips: SEO Friendly Will Beef Up Your Marketing Efforts



If you’ve not heard about why SlideShare has come to exist as a powerful marketing tool, then listen up!


What Is SlideShare?

SlideShare,net allows users to submit documents, videos, pdfs, and webinars online in addition to acting as a social networking site. This is a powerful combination that can beef up your marketing efforts in that it allows users to share, comment on, and rate posts as well as share content through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


That’s not all. In fact, Google has begun including SlideShare content in search results because SlideShare can be Search Engine Optimized. Yes, you read correctly. It’s SEO-Friendly.





How Does It Work?

Uploading your previously generated presentations, pdfs, or PowerPoint presentations is straightforward if you don’t feel like creating new content, so no worries there. All you have to do is signup, add your startup logo as your profile picture, put your startup’s website on your profile, and provide any social networking links.


You can link your SlideShare content on LinkedIn or Facebook with a just a few clicks and if you’ve a blog, then you can embed your SlideShare links directly into your blog.


All of this is available through a free account although if you want a Pro account with more features including formatting and analytics, then you can throw down anywhere from $19 to $299 per month, depending on your needs.


The Pro account is an attractive option because with the built in analytics, you’re able to see what content gets the most hits and thus, you’re able to customize a marketing strategy based on this information. With the analytics you can also see who has “favorited” your content and who is sharing your posts on Twitter.





What Could I Share On SlideShare?

Really, the options are endless but some great ideas include not only adding presentations you’ve already given, but you could even upload pdfs highlighting new products or features about to be launched. Creating anticipation for a new project while not giving too much away could be a perfect way to pique the interest of current customers.


What better way to get them coming back for more than by creating a “rumor mill” in your favor?


In addition to dropping hints on new products or features, your startup could also create a short presentation on a high profile product or service you offer. Not only that, some startups have even gone to presenting team members through short slide shows in order that users get to know the human side of their startup.


That’s an excellent way to connect with your user-base!


Another great idea is to use SlideShare to address some common issues regarding your product. If a user can go to your SlideShare page and see a solution offered to them without having to wait for an email response back from your startup, then they’ll see that you value them on the customer service level, which we all know is of utmost importance.





Add to your marketing strategy and you’ll see that by offering quality content via this social networking platform, that your startup will create a buzz through a new channel that works quite nicely with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!


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